7 Menstruation Period Dream Interpretation

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If we think about menstruation, this monthly period is no more than blood because there is no fertilization of the egg. It can be good or bad, depending on your perspective. For those who want to be a mother, dreaming of menstruation is a bad thing, because it shows that you have not reached your goal this month and need to try again. For those who don’t want to be a mother, dreaming of menstruation is often a relief and brings momentary joy.

Of course, for several days of bleeding, this causes discomfort, and because of hormonal changes, mood also fluctuates. But for all organic phases, dreaming of menstruation is often a sign of good news coming. Pleasant surprises and excitement are on your way soon!


Dream of having a menstrual

If you dream of your period, it can mean that your maternal instincts are growing inside you. It shows that in your subconscious, you want to be a mother, and your desires will soon be externalized. If you have become a mother, the desire to get pregnant again will arise.

If you are a man and dream that your partner or wife is having a period, this shows your sincere desire to be a father, even without you knowing. When you don’t have the desire to be a parent, it will immediately begin to grow in you.

Dreams of menstrual blood on clothes

If you dream about clothes with menstrual bloodstains, that could mean releasing secrets from the past that once caused you injury. It can also represent serious consequences to cover up shame or yourself. Clothing stained in dreams is a sign that your subconscious wants to extinguish your feelings and emotions stored deep in your soul. Now, these emotions can finally find a way to let go of past disappointments and sufferings.

Dreams like this like freeing themselves, it shows that the sadness from the past will no longer attack and you will be free from all that bothers you. Dreaming underwear with menstrual blood also means that the time has come to heal the wounds of your past.

Dream of seeing someone else menstruate

When you dream of seeing someone menstruating, often, this is a warning to keep you alert to intrigue, gossip, and wrong friendships. Be careful, because you can be stabbed in the back by someone you consider a friend. Bad thing, that person will drag you because it’s close to you. Be aware of other people’s behavior and protect yourself shortly.


Avoid talking about your life or telling intimate secrets to anyone. A dream about someone who is menstruating shows a warning sign that whatever you say can be used against you in the future. People you trust can act like Judas Iscariot, betraying you.

Dream of menstruation after menopause

For a woman, this dream shows that she will not have more children. The woman whose menstruation ends will lose hope about everything and she makes a new start.

Dream about not being able to menstruate

If you have a dream that shows that you can’t menstruate, this is a sign from the subconscious that you want to clear your mind of situations that make you feel heavy.

Many women who don’t yet have the desire to be mothers are afraid when they dream of such things because they believe that it can come true, and they might get pregnant.

Menstruation blood dream

Whether you want to be a mother or not, the dream of not being able to menstruate shows that you have to clear your awareness of all the burdens you carry. Do meditation and try to understand what makes you sick. Get rid of bad energy and everything that still bothers you about your past.

Men are dreaming of menstruation

It seems rather unusual for men who dream about menstruation, but this is more common than you might think. Usually, this kind of dream comes to signify loving reconciliation or more excellent stability in your affective relationships.

If you are not in any relationship, this is an excellent time to meet someone and start a relationship. If you are in a relationship, this means your relationship will develop and become a marriage. If the connection is in crisis, it’s time to resolve the dispute with your partner and propose improvements between the two of you. Enjoy this useful moment, and enjoy the next few weeks with your partner.

Dream of bleeding in the body

When you dream of bleeding somewhere in the body, you may wake up in fear of injury or accident. Take a deep breath, don’t worry, and better understand what your subconscious is trying to say through a bloody dream somewhere in your body.

Dreaming of blood usually means that unexpected events will occur, and you will have difficulty achieving your life’s goals. Blood symbolizes great struggle and effort so that you can effectively conquer your greatest desires and plans. It can also symbolize the neglect that you have in some aspects of your life. That means you focus your efforts on some problems and ignore others.

The dream of bleeding in your body is a sign that this moment must be used for intense reflection. Contemplate what your most prominent dream is and what effort you need to make it. Do not forget, consider whether you ignore all aspects of your life and try to give importance to that perspective going forward. Always remember, success is harmony and balance, so try to balance your life and all conceptions.

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