DreamChrist is a site that is aware of ‘inner voices’. Its main concern is continuing personal development of the listeners through self-knowledge, using as a means of interpretation of dreams, symbols, signs, and other prophecies.

The meaning of dreams is very important in this journey to get to know yourself better. Dreaming implies a personal narrative, which often reminds us of problems that are important to our lives.

For Freud and Jung, the dream was laden with symbolic elements that “lead to human knowledge itself.”

The purpose of this site is to help the reader every day to unravel the mysteries of his dreams, to interpret their plot and symbols, to understand the characteristics of signs. All to understand each other better, a little every day, one day at a time. So, manage the problem better.

About this site

The DreamChrist site and the content published on its pages are private property. Authors with experience in making quality texts about the meaning of dreams, signs, and general self-knowledge. Some with a lot of experience to produce quality content for the internet.

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