9 Underwear Dream Interpretation

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Underwear Dream Interpretation

Dreaming about underwear is typical in many cases. That is related to the need for privacy and symbols about secrets. You try to keep secrets for everyone around you. Underwear has a function to cover and protect all genital areas and prevent irritation. In the dream world, it is a symbol of sexuality for women and men.

What does it mean to dream about underwear? Underwear shows that you are trying to cover something. It is also a sign that you want to hide something. Every dream has a different meaning. This dream can speak as passion and symbolize doubt or fear that other people will know your secret.


Dream without underwear

When you dream that you are not wearing pants or naked, it shows that you are keeping secrets with fear. You always have a concern that people might discover the secret. This dream says the same thing that you will be a victim of bad situations soon.

If you don’t wear underwear and people around you start following you, it symbolizes the relationship with the people around you every day. Certain people have a close relationship with you, which means full trust.

Dream of dirty underwear

When you dream of dirty underwear, it means that you are not satisfied with yourself. You don’t realize what you want in life, which can give you a lot of conflicts.

If you dream about dirty underwear and you try to clean it, it reveals that you are looking for ways to change something related to your character. It will help if you break old habits and ways of thinking.

Dream of panties

The dream meaning of women’s underwear shows that you are a person who can inspire confidence, and you can keep all kinds of secrets. The best thing is that you are more careful in handling your belongings because future complications may occur. Besides, this dream can symbolize the change in the people you love.


Dream of pooping in your pants

On various occasions, you might dream of pooping, and this can happen in a panic situation. Read more pooping in dreams.

Dreams of underwear slipping

The underwear protects your private parts. When the panties come off, this signifies the possibility of fear or shame that other people know about your most intimate desires.

Dreams of new underwear

When you dream of wearing new underwear, it represents a new stage in terms of interpersonal relationships with a partner. The dream also shows that you will receive relevant and pleasant news.

Dream of torn underwear

When you dream about torn underwear, it announces that you will use lots of money for lots of expenses. It does not mean that you will have a severe problem, but you should think about saving from now on. It allows you to avoid conflicts in the financial sector.

Dream of blood on your pants

When you see blood in your pants, this can indicate that you have always caused problems in the past. What you have done has relevance in the current situation, and this affects you severely, even for your family.

Dream of blue underwear

Dreaming of blue loincloths shows a feeling of calm. You become someone who can motivate the people around you. This dream also symbolizes that some changes can occur in your lifestyle.

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