7 Rape Dream Interpretation

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rape dream interpretation

Rape is a sensitive affair that moves the emotions of men and women. Dreaming of rape can be an emotionally powerful experience and depends on the situation you experience during dreaming. Do you feel anxious during your dreams?

However, the meaning of raping is not always sexually correlated. Still, it is often a strong indication that an unusual situation will affect your life or the lives of those close to you.


Dreams of rape represent strong enemies, warnings about health, sexual manipulation, or harassment at work. It can happen in dreams that involve rape. The pressure you feel can be reflected in this kind of dream. However, not all are bad signs. This dream also brings a period of victory and penance after a period of trouble.

Dream of seeing rape

The dream of seeing someone being raped generally symbolizes a transitional period, which can be marked by emotional instability and doubt about who you are and why you are in this world.

Like puberty, one will find it especially difficult for many young people in the turbulent transition process of youth. So, this problem triggers your subconscious to dream of rape.

Besides, this dream can also be a sign of disappointment with someone you cherish sincerely. If this is your case, resist anger at the person and do not destroy relationships that might be greater than mere misunderstanding or acts of human weakness.

Dream of being a rape victim

The dream of being raped can be extraordinary and even make the rest of your day very bad. However, this dream symbolizes victory about the effort you have made for a long time, and finally, it’s time to reap the rewards of your battle.


However, other meanings are not very good, and it is up to you to identify which applies to your life. For example, this dream can be a sign that someone will immediately drive you crazy, and you might lose your mind and embarrass yourself.

Don’t let emotions overwhelm you, calmness and wisdom are the best weapons against provocateurs. Likewise, the dream of being a rape victim also means that fake friendships may be around you. Be careful of those who want to know a lot about your life.

Dream of raping someone

The dream of raping someone is not a good sign, but don’t despair. Visit a doctor, check your health, and be careful in your daily life. This warning serves to shake that reality and keep us alert to the wicked possibilities that will occur in life.

Enjoy this warning, and be careful. You may also be a victim of injustice and face charges that can shake you. This accident will also pass, but it will require you a lot of wisdom in every decision during this confrontation.

The dream of raping someone can also show that you hide bitter feelings and get revenge on someone. It even becomes a poison that will affect your health. Get rid of these feelings and touch the life ahead.

Dream about a friend being raped

Dreams of a friend being raped by another person indicate intense competition. The competitors will come to you with everything. They intend to defeat you and sabotage your plans. You remain careful to be able to win this coming battle.

Dreaming that someone you know is raped can also show that the friendship you have is getting worse. Maybe this is the time to set aside time in your life to be with friends and foster this friendship. However, this dream can also reflect the fear that someone you love will be a victim of violence.

Dreams about to rape

The dream of attempted rape symbolizes doubts that permeate your life about careers. Unfortunately, people are often involved in adventures that make them uncomfortable. Likewise, relationships that appear healthy now end as a result of your actions. Do what is morally acceptable for you.

Dream about being accused of rape

Dreams of being charged with harassment have varied interpretations. So it is up to you to identify, which might concern your life. When you dream of being accused of rape, this can have meaning with adverse facts that will happen to people close to you. In this case, you can help them or offer help to them when they need help.

Dreams of being accused of rape can also signify intrigue that will come unexpectedly. Of course, this will adversely affect your life. Try not to speak gossip. Guilt and doubt about the future are also linked to those who dream of being accused of rape.

Consider every offer that comes your way and think of every direction you will take in your life, depending on each choice. It can help you make better decisions.

Dream about family rape

The dream of rape in a family is a feeling of affection. It stays between you and someone in your family on a level beyond conventional. Don’t let yourself get caught up in your mind, regardless of what you often hear out there. Follow your conscience and train your mind to be able to make the right decisions so that you regret later on.

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