Rainbow Dream Interpretation

Rainbow Dream Interpretation

Dreaming of a rainbow means you are heading in the right direction. If you are an honest and kind person who always tries to do the right thing and dedicates himself to helping people, surely your wishes will come true.

The dream of a rainbow might seem mysterious to some people. It all depends on how you interpret these elements that have appeared in your dreams and how they relate to everyday experiences.

This extraordinary natural element appears after rain and is the result of the process of water and sun. From this brief description, you might be able to understand something about the dream of the rainbow. Generally, it has a happy meaning because the rainbow will appear after the rain during the day.

Dream of seeing a rainbow

The dream that you see a rainbow means you are on the right track, regardless of the type of dream. If you are the right person and have done things to help others, you can be sure that you will fulfill your goals.

The rainbow is also very much related to your faith and your spiritual path. It is a call for you not to stop believing and keep fighting for your most important goals. If life has not been successful for you, seeing a rainbow in a dream is a suggestion not to give up and keep fighting.

Dream of seeing a lot of rainbows

The dream of seeing a variety of rainbows is an indication of luck and prosperity in the field of love. To understand this dream, you need to think that there is more than one picture, which represents two types of feelings. The rainbow you see in a dream represents your feelings, and this indicates your mental state. The rest is the feeling of the … Read the rest