12 Rain Dream Interpretation: Exploring the Significance

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rain dream meaning

The dream about rain is a symbol or sign of life. It is water that helps plants to grow and quench the thirst of animals. As in many books, stories, and legends, rainwater is a divine gift that blesses everyone and everything.

Another well-known interpretation is about the cleansing that rainwater brings, external and internal. Below you will find many the dream meaning of rain, including yours.


Dream about heavy rain

Dreaming of heavy rain symbolizes cleansing, spiritual washing. When we dream of heavy rain, it’s because our spirits need to clean themselves, become lighter and lighter, without the burdens and strings people throw at us every day.

If you know of a peaceful resting place, spiritual center, temple, or church, try to spend more time there, and you will slowly feel your soul revitalize, heal, and purify yourself of all this harmful content.

Dream a lot of rain

Dreaming of lots of rain is a symbol of professional improvement and profit. Try to remember the rain in this dream. The more water comes down from the sky, the higher you will get. It does not mean that you have to waste money and wealth, because everything that comes easily can also walk easily.

Dream about drizzle

Dreaming of raindrops show the subtlety that touches your heart, soul, and days. From now on, you will become more sensitive, sentimental, and maybe even more fragile. This time will be beneficial for you to build a bond of love with the people you love and recognize on the other side of yourself that you might not be aware of your existence.


dream meaning rainstorm

Dream about a rain shower

Dreaming of a rain shower is fun, right? And the meaning is also excellent. The dream meaning of a rain shower is a sign that you need to be braver, enjoy life more, and maybe even change your environment.

Have fun, show yourself, and visit places that you have never visited, but always want to learn. Life calls you out there and gives you valuable possessions. It is a moment to break away from routine.

Dream about continuous rain

When dreaming of endless rain, make sure that positive changes in your financial life will happen soon. Maybe you have expected this change or not. But most importantly, you need to remember that this change package will put you on a whole new level of life.

Dream about rain and wind

A dream about rain and wind is not a bad sign. Instead, this dream shows that you have valuable friends who are always by your side, and for them, you must pay attention and listen to suggestions, especially those related to your career and work.

Even though your friends are not in the same field as you, true wisdom is in the most diverse minds, and that is what enriches everyone. Learn to listen.

Dream about a rainstorm

Dreaming of a rainstorm means now is not the time to negotiate or plan for your business. This dream speaks louder to those of you with your business.

Like every storm, one hour is over, so too is this suspension period. Be careful and wait for the green light; maybe it will not come in the form of another dream.

Dream about rain and flood

Dreaming of rain and flood shows away into a phase of isolation and emotional helplessness. You don’t know how to try to get away from things like problems from people outside. Assess yourself, and then you will find the answer.

You may feel lonely at this point; your feelings flood your mind. You must connect with yourself to bridge the gap between you and the world.

dream rain water meaning

Dreams of rainwater

Dreaming of rainwater is a blessing from heaven. You might receive a wedding invitation, both from family members or close friends and of course will play an essential role in this activity.

Dream about hail

The dream of hail is a strong indication that you have to wait a little longer for your plan because there will be a short delay in the event you are waiting for.

As we all know, not everything happens when we want, and we shouldn’t see it as a problem. On the contrary, there will always be a right time for things to happen and by God to determine and not humans to determine.

Dream about mud and rain

We see some of your desires that are not fulfilled. Dreaming of mud and rain shows that you have many dreams and are not satisfied with what you can achieve. Your relentless pursuit is the energy that moves you. On the other hand, it creates physical and mental tension.

Maybe the best thing to do for now is rest, regain energy, develop a new strategy until your emotions subside. After that, make sure that the water is clear and you can easily see everything.

Dream with an umbrella

It’s a good sign. Dreaming of an umbrella clearly shows how good your health is right now, certainly in perfect condition. If you have just had surgery or have completed medical treatment, you need to know that your body has recovered.

Whatever the last health problem you have, there is nothing to worry about. Now you will enjoy good days of health problems that you leave behind. Read more dream of an umbrella.

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