11 Soldier Dream Interpretation

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Soldier Dream Interpretation

In the dream world, dreaming of soldiers reveals that you must be more disciplined and brave because this will lead to success. This dream shows success at work. It does not mean that you have to forget about commitment to family and friends. They are the people who have helped you until now.

Dreaming of soldiers is related to hidden desires. The subconscious is trying to bring up the need for authority in life. It also represents the hierarchy and encouragement to strive and maintain security.


This dream tells you that you feel a lot of emotional oppression, generally coming from the outside environment. Dreaming of an army is also synonymous with the past and memories that have passed. It refers to times of struggle in the past, where you retained the task of serving others.

What does it mean to dream of army troops? Dream about soldiers showing internal conflicts, battles you want to fight. This problem is closely related to the situation of concern that caused a lot of sadness. You are in the midst of a struggle to resolve this conflict.

One of the most important things for you to consider is recognizing the context of dreams and finding their connection to real life. If you dress as a soldier, it’s a sign that after the struggle, you will go through a busy period.

If you become a soldier, it symbolizes stability, hope, and security in you. Also, this dream is related to kindness and a sign that unexpected benefits will happen soon.

Dream of armed soldiers

If you have dreamed of armed soldiers, it is a sign that you want things to go perfectly. However, you don’t listen to other people’s opinions even when you know that your decision might be wrong. You don’t allow others to help you.


Another meaning of this dream is that you need peace. If you have problems in a relationship, fix it immediately. Now it’s time to resolve all conflicts and achieve peace.

Dream of a military plane

When you see a military plane, it means the problem will come soon. It would help if you acted in the most peaceful way to calm the situation and reach a solution. This dream is also a sign that you must be aware of unexpected situations. You must have a very effective defensive weapon.

Dream of army boots

When you dream about army boots, this shows that you are abusing the power you have. It can make people stay away from you because they believe that anything can happen otherwise. As long as you don’t become aware of starting treating others with respect, you won’t have a solution.

Dream about paratroopers

When you see paratroopers, this shows that you will experience a severe problem. It’s because of a misunderstanding that makes you sink into confusion. Even so, you will get out of this inconvenience.

Dream of soldiers marching

When you see soldiers marching, it shows that the time has come to show your personality. It is time to show that you are not dependent on others to achieve your expectations. Dreaming of soldiers marching also indicates that other people will always be there to support you. Soldiers marching in a dream also signify that you are on the right track. It is time to make future investments that can generate a lot of profits.

Dream of soldiers shooting

When soldiers shoot in your dreams, it means you are very ambitious. It would help if you had a lot of discipline and patience to implement all plans, but you must not neglect the spiritual part. It is time to be grateful for everything you have achieved so far.

Dream of soldiers hitting you

This dream is a sign that it is time to know how to listen to others. You can reconsider and accept that you made a mistake. You must understand that making a decision is not synonymous with loyalty to others. When the army beats you, it shows that you have lost the ease of expressing yourself.

Dream of a foreign soldier

When you dream of foreign soldiers, this is related to new experiences. This dream reveals that you need a change of atmosphere, which will bring a unique perspective with many benefits. It would help if you found happiness with the people around you. Be careful of people who look friendly because they can betray you.

Dream of a dead soldier

This dream tells you that you are experiencing a huge problem, which does not make you calm. Dead army personnel usually occur when you experience moments of tension and challenging times. In general, this dream is related to relationship problems, and you should avoid misunderstandings that can result in a breakup.

Dream of soldiers at war

The dream meaning of soldiers on the battlefield shows that you will share your life with others for the same purpose. You might be looking for a mission where you are trying to assert the rights of others. It also shows that your hopes will come true, and you will receive good news at work.

Dream about police and soldiers

When you see the police and army, this is a sign that you haven’t done things the best way—this dream expressing feelings of guilt that don’t leave you alone.

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