9 Escape Dream Interpretation Running Away

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Escape Dream Interpretation

Dreaming of escaping represents the situation you are feeling. Even if you ignore the truth, you run away to deal with a difficult situation. You feel the need for security to protect yourself.

At some point, someone certainly wants to run away from something. If you are unable to overcome difficulties, you may run away. Therefore, it depends on yourself what problem you are facing. Are you trying to hide from someone who wants something from you?


The dream of running away also has a meaning related to emotion. It is a symbol of the feelings that are present when you fall asleep. If you feel depressed, maybe you will have dreams about running away. What you see in the real world will affect your dreams.

Running away in a dream also shows the protection you need. Below you will find more exciting dream interpretations about running away.

Dream of escaping from criminals

When criminals chase you in dreams, this indicates that you are looking for a fast track to reach your goals. You have a plan you need to make as soon as possible, even though you never know what will happen later.

Patience is the factor you need to overcome this. If you rush, it might be easy for you to fall, and you will get a lot of failures. It would help if you remained optimistic about your initial goals. Always be on the lookout for people who want to make you suffer and cause damage.

Dream of escaping from the police

If you run away from the police, this dream signifies difficult times at work. In this case, you feel threatened by certain authorities. People in power can force you to do something. The pressure you feel finally comes as a terrible dream.


This dream can result from a situation you don’t want. It would help to be very careful with those you can’t trust. It would help to equip yourself with courage so that someone’s evil intentions don’t affect you. Read more police in  a dream.

Dream of escaping from danger

If you managed to escape from something that almost took your life, this indicates your desired ending. Certain situations have created conflicts that have affected your life badly. It would help if you freed yourself from what is holding you back. Leave the past but take lessons from it to move into the future.

Dream of running away from your partner

Dreaming of running away from your partner shows that some situations make it difficult for you. It encourages you to ignore the reality of everything that demands you. Maybe you feel disappointed with the decision you made. It would help if you faced the existing conflict to get rid of this nightmare quickly.

Dream of running away from school

If you dream of running away from school, this is a memory from the past. Meanwhile, your life experience is a little. This picture says that you don’t have enough maturity to assume responsibility according to the current reality. For that, you need to add new experiences and seek advice from people. Read more dream about a school.

Dream of escaping from soldiers

When you dream of running away from soldiers, this indicates that you want to escape emotional pressure and conflict situations that you don’t want to face. You need to make plans and assume new responsibilities. Meanwhile, it would help if you were flexible in your attitude. You Need to act according to the procedure is inevitable, but you also need wisdom. Read more soldiers in a dream.

Dream of running away from someone

If you dream of running away from someone, this is a sign that you are constantly in conflict and denying the truth. It would help if you faced what went wrong to move towards a prosperous future. When you manage to escape from people chasing you, this indicates your success in overcoming specific problems.

Dream of escaping from a fire

When you dream of running away from a fire, this warns of workplace discomfort or dissatisfaction. Conflicts between employees can include errors in communication, gossip, jealousy, and disagreements. Every conflict situation in the workplace needs effective solutions and strategies. Read more fire in a dream.

Dream of escaping from prison

When you dream of escaping from prison, this is a bad sign because you deny the reality you must face. It’s better to run away from difficult situations. It will become increasingly tricky if you don’t solve it directly. Read more prison in a dream.

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