10 Suitcase Luggage Dream Interpretation

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Suitcase Luggage Dream Interpretation

Suitcases offer great symbolism in the dream world. It shows the answers about the feeling that you have buried in you. Dreams about luggage represent what you hide and what you don’t know yet. This dream is a method for accessing personal information that you don’t know about yourself.

When you travel, you might need this object to store clothes. Sadness, insecurity, longing, and trust are some of the things that luggage shows in this dream. You use luggage to transport items during the trip or to move objects comfortably from one place to another. Dream with luggage as a burden of responsibility that you carry, or you hide the feelings that burden you.


What does it mean to dream of a suitcase? Dreaming with a briefcase can produce many different meanings. The contents of the bag may be nothing more than a mental burden that you strive for every day. Often you encounter difficult situations and make you go through life with hard work and difficulties. A suitcase in a dream tells you what is tormenting you and to ease your daily burden.

You know what you have to throw away in your life right now. For this reason, here are some of the most common dreams of luggage.

Dream of seeing a suitcase

When you see a suitcase in a dream, this is a sign that you will be traveling. If you plan any trip, that means you will do it sooner than you expect. Besides, some events will force you to move, and this gives you some exciting experiences.

Dream of packing clothes

If packing clothes in a dream, this is a sign that you are ready for a vacation. It does not mean that you are on vacation to other places but are just resting from worry and enjoying life. You maintain a state of peace because this is to change your life and those around you, bring prosperity at home and work.

Dream of someone else’s suitcase

The dream of seeing someone else’s suitcase means someone will immediately ask for your help. The way you react to this request will fully determine friendship. This talented person will come to you. So it would help if you tried to help him with everything that person needs. Even if you experience an awkward situation, don’t hesitate to support those who need it fully.


Dream suitcase full of clothes

The dream of a suitcase full of clothes shows that you are leaving past affairs and relationships. If the briefcase is hefty, it is a sign that what has been making you suffer for a long time will disappear. The type of clothes in a suitcase can also determine the meaning. This dream is a sign that you are embracing change by letting go of your past.

Dream of a new suitcase

When a new suitcase comes into your dreams, it is a sign that you are hiding a strong desire in you. You find a way to leave a routine that is holding you back and not allowing you to move. It is a change in your work and the people you know. Don’t be afraid to take essential steps. The only important thing is personal happiness and satisfaction.

Dream of lost luggage

It is a strange dream. Dreaming about lost luggage means kindness. If you dream of lost luggage, you are ready to release the burden of a past situation that is dragging you everywhere. You might feel a kind of helplessness when you don’t get your bag. It is because after spending so much time carrying all those feelings, you can finally free yourself.

Dream of carrying a suitcase

In general, the dream of carrying a suitcase shows that it’s time to reassess how you live your life. If you walk in a hurry without any treatment, it’s a sign that you are going through the steps of breath so quickly. It does not allow you to enjoy your freedom fully.

Dream of many suitcases

When you see lots of luggage everywhere, it’s a sign that you are dealing with a problem that doesn’t belong to you. You feel empathy and help your friends or people closest to you, but you can’t let their problems become your problems. It will only produce a burden that is not yours and further confuse the atmosphere.

Dream of traveling and a suitcase

Suitcases are very much related to travel. That is the first thing you think about and what you set when you are going to visit. If you dream of traveling with a suitcase, that means you are suffering from a lot of stress and work problems that make you tired. If you let this situation continue, you may experience bad moments both at work and at home. You have to find a way to get away from burdensome tasks. Don’t allow yourself to do other people’s responsibilities.

Dream of a big suitcase

A large suitcase in a dream signifies that you carry a secret burden that threatens you to fall into depression or despair that you cannot overcome yourself. Sometimes, when you do wrong actions, you find it very difficult, to be honest, and assume that you have acted poorly. You decide to remain silent and not take responsibility for your work.

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