12 Planets Dream Interpretation

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Planets Dream Interpretation

Celestial bodies in dreams represent greater wisdom and knowledge. Dreaming about planets is a sign to open yourself to the most profound meaning of life indeed. Your mind moves to a higher level of awareness.

Sometimes you can dream about outer space because you are looking for connections with cosmic origins. Sometimes, dreams about planets and space can mean that you feel like a stranger or not at work. You might think that other people don’t understand you. It’s because you have great creativity and another way of looking at life.


Seeing planets in the solar system is a sign of selfishness and pleasure. You have to get rid of the unfortunate past to receive something better. The universe and the planets in dreams symbolize new ideas.

The dream meaning of the planet is proof of travel, both spiritually and physically. This dream is a message that you need to learn about ideas from one person to another. The dream of seeing a planet brings various kinds of conclusions. It all depends on how you look at it.

Dream about planets aligned

The dream meaning of planets aligned represents balance in your life or the need to regain balance. Right now, you have a different perspective, and you are moving in a new direction. You must pay attention to the dream, because the dream can bring a way out for a problem. This dream is a sign of success and luck.

Planets that line up in a dream also symbolize a luxurious lifestyle. You will soon succeed in a project or study. This dream shows a way to guide you in the right direction.

Dream of planets colliding

When you dream of planets colliding, this refers to spirituality. You don’t need to underestimate yourself, try to benefit in several situations. You need to overcome several problems related to involvement. Planets that collide in dreams signify the end of bad habits.


Dream of many planets

When you see many planets, this shows your desire to be in a relationship or want an ideal partner. It would be best if you focused on your current goals. There is something you must pay attention to, and this is so important. This dream signifies joy, but this will only happen when you feel secure and confident.

Dream of a planet in the sky

Dreaming with a planet in the sky is a sign that you will succeed and complete the task. This dream also signifies sadness or regret, and you have to let go of bad memories from the past. It is the right time to start a new business because you will have fresh energy.

Dream of planets and stars

Dreams with planets and stars show your high ideals, creativity, and imagination. On the other hand, you have difficulty expressing yourself in a love relationship. You feel doubtful about something.

Dream of a planet exploding

When you dream of exploding planets, it is a symbol of hope, unity, and unity. You need to relax and express happiness. This dream is a sign of joy and calm at home. You are experiencing spiritual transformation.

Dream about planets and meteorites

Dreams with planets and meteorites predict significant and highly unexpected events. Something will happen soon and will have long-term consequences. If you see a meteor passing near a world, you must make an immediate decision. Your long-term future depends on how correct this decision is.

Dream of planets and moon

When you dream about planets and moon, this is a sign that you have to make decisions quickly. It will affect social relationships and spiritual progress.

Dream of a spinning planet

If you dream of a spinning planet, it is a sign of lust and emotion. You will need guidance to know what will happen in the future. This dream is a sign that aspects of your life need immediate attention.

Dream of a dark planet

If you see a dark planet in a dream, it’s because you want to start something again. Dreams mark the end of a cycle and a new beginning. There are several aspects that you need to run again. You will have problems that affect you in several ways.

Dream of a burning planet

When planets burn in a dream, this shows your relationship with others. You are experiencing some emotional problems, and this is reflected in your subconscious. Maybe you are still affected by the last goodbye. This dream signifies something that you must overcome and which does not allow you to continue living reasonably.

Dream of a giant planet

If you have ever dreamed about a giant planet, that is proof of a secret. You have to be more aggressive in approaching problems. This dream shows that there is something in your life that is not healthy. It would help if you learned to ask for help from others.

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