9 Rooster Dream Interpretation

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Rooster Dream Interpretation

The dream of a rooster represents a strange situation because this animal is closely related to work, and this is a symbol of vigilance. Since ancient times, the sound of roosters crowing is a sign of the sun rising.

The meaning of the rooster in the dream world will be a little different. It shows people who tend to ignore truths they don’t like. It is often related to the fact that they cannot impose themselves and thus do not live their lives well.


Culturally, the rooster symbolizes beauty and even arrogance. In some cases, dreams about roosters show that you have to get rid of the ego to pay more attention to others and be more uncomplicated.

In certain cultures, many people use roosters as a symbol of luxury and power. Another meaning of a rooster is related to prosperity in the field of finance or health.

If the rooster looks good, this represents the attitude you need most in your life now. Try to be more independent and show the need not to be afraid to prove yourself. However, if the chicken is sick and thin, this is a warning that you will face problems that will make you lose money and even friendship.

Dream of a rooster crowing

It is a good sign because it shows that you will achieve the professional success that you have been waiting for. However, don’t just wait. You have to keep working hard and don’t brag. The most important thing is what you do to achieve it and patience. As you know, you will need hard work for a goal, which takes time to come true.

Dream of feeding a rooster

This dream signifies that you will achieve the things you want, especially professional success. But you must be careful of those who make you jealous and be prepared to stand up for what is yours.


Dream of pecking a rooster

Roosters, in this case, warn you that someone wants to take what is yours. Roosters will peck anyone who tries to bother them. Therefore, you also need to struggle to maintain your achievements. Remain vigilant to determine who you need to defend yourself and when is the right time to act.

Dream of cockfighting

It reminds you of disputes with friends or family that will occur. This dream shows that there are severe divisions in any group. This warning comes first, so you don’t get involved in disputes that are none of your business. Do not take sides or try to interfere, because it is very likely that this ends badly.

Dream of buying or selling a rooster

When you buy a rooster, it symbolizes that you will immediately win money that is the right way, and that can come from business success. If you dream of selling roosters, this dream signifies that you will have a high performance in sales in the business.

Dream of red rooster

This dream has the same meaning as a beautiful rooster. Even so, you can’t force yourself as you should. This chicken appears in a dream to show that you don’t need to be afraid to show your abilities openly.

Dream of black rooster

This dream depends on the physical condition and where it is located. If you are in the yard, it means someone is up to something bad about you. But if the rooster looks beautiful with all its feathers, it means you will not suffer damage from your enemies. However, if a black rooster looks ugly, be careful because you will face problems.

Dream of a flying chicken

It is a dream that shows the territorial side. The dream reminds you to defend yourself from someone who is trying to take what you have. This person is already very close to you because he pretends to be your friend. It would help if you found it as soon as possible to avoid it.

Dream of killing a rooster

Even though it looks terrible and scary, killing a rooster in a dream is good news. That indicates that you have to kill your ego, which is soaring high. The dream is a warning for you to be not too arrogant. The good thing about this dream is that it means you are ready to learn how to do this, which is an essential milestone in evolution.

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