12 Flood Dream Interpretation

  •  A. Christian

Christian Dream Interpretation Flood

Flood in dreams can make you panic and despair when you wake up from sleep because it gives you a strange feeling. Flood dreams can be related to tragedies that occur in your life. Flooding occurs when water cannot find a definite way out. The lack of this route caused the puddle to overflow, caused by rain that came in volumes more significant than expected.

Therefore, dreams of being flooded can mean a warning that your insides are in internal conflict. You need to express your feelings and energy better. If you don’t resolve this conflict, your emotions can overflow and affect other areas of your life.

Dream of a flash flood

Water has emotional significance, and the sudden arrival of a flood indicates that many deep feelings are approaching you. If you dream of an unexpected flood, you might be in a love relationship where your partner is suffocating you with too many demands.

It can also be a sign that you are in a turbulent and unstable relationship or that you are over-caring for yourself. Floods can represent emergency calls from within.

Dream trapped in flood

When you dream of being in flood, this means you are immersed in deep feelings and desires that you cannot control. You might try to hide these feelings and emotions from yourself. So look inside and do a self-analysis to see if you need to externalize.

Dreams dragged down by the flood

When you dream of being in water during a flood and being dragged or washed away by a tide, this can indicate a future or current situation, where you cannot escape. Uncertain conditions require a bright attitude. It can be at work or home. The fact is that you don’t have to postpone the situation or decision.

Dream about a flood of clean water

If you dream of flooding with clean water around you, that means your life is in a period of cleaning. It is the time when things start to improve in all factors of your life, including financial, family, and professional. Clean water is purifying, cleansing, and carrying health. Dreaming of pure water flooding can be a sign of sound change.

Dream about a flood of dirty water

Unlike clean water, dreams about flooding with dirty water are usually a sign of concern. In general, muddy and turbid water means impure and contaminated. Dirty water does not bring a good life and can carry many diseases, no longer has purification characteristics.

Dreams about turbid water also represent the need for personal cleansing. It is worth reflecting on every area of your life and which needs to be changed. Try spiritual cleansing and consider what you can improve in your life.

Dream of seeing a flood from a distance

When you dream of watching a flood, it means that there are feelings and ideas about yourself that you reject or you are not ready to accept. It is a sign of immaturity associated with some particular situation in your life. It is essential to reflect on everything that happens around you and understand if there are certain situations or feelings that you reject or avoid for a reason.

Dream about flood while washing

If you dream of flood and the water you make to wash cars, houses, or buildings, it can mean you need to make some changes in your life. This dream also indicates that you are afraid of the transformation that you don’t want.

Water is a symbol of emotions, so flooding in your dreams can mean that you also need to clean up dirt and bad situations that might affect your life.

Dream of being in a high place when flooding

If you dream of being in a high place when a flood occurs, it is a sign that there is a problem ahead, and you must be prepared to solve it. The right side of this dream is that you can make for difficulties, not like a dream being swept away by a flood that shows a lack of choice.

Dream of house flooded

If you dream that your house is flooded, it is a sign that your feelings are being depressed, and you are trying to vent it but can’t. Try talking to people you trust, open your emotions so that you have emotional relief.

Remember, that dreaming about flood water, this means you have a lot of emotions. Your house represents your interior, which is yourself. Try to open more and release your feelings.

Dream of flood and mud

The meaning of dreams from floods and mud is an indication that you are going through several complicated situations. In general, dreams like this show a bad sign. Adjust your thoughts and actions in the right way, removing all bad things from yourself. Read more mud in dreams.

Dream of flood but not sink

If you dream of having a flood but not drowning, that is an excellent sign to resolve the problem. This kind of dream shows that you are free from problems and that you have succeeded in overcoming danger. Stay in the position you choose; this is a safe action from all issues that confront you.

Dream of helping flood victims

If you dream about a flood where you save a victim, this is a dream related to luck. It is a sign that you are in a pleasant moment of life. All the proper attitudes and actions that you do towards others come back to you in a useful form. The dream of saving people and doing good is always right. Keep doing the good, and you will get the most benefits!

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