Dream Meaning Fighting With Boyfriend

fighting dream meaning

13 Fighting Dream Interpretation

fighting dream meaning

Dreaming about fights is one of the dreams that many people often have. Fighting in dreams can vary, and most commonly, it is the result of trauma in your life, heartache, severe bickering, or even periods of insomnia. However, if this is not the case, the following article will help you find out what your dreams mean.

This kind of dream is not always a bad sign, and it can also be a sign that you are going through many drastic changes. Something is bothering you in some of your lives. There are many interpretations, and it all depends on whether you are involved, whether you only watch scenes of violence in conflict. Stay tuned and find out what dreams about fights mean!

Dream in a fight

The dream of fighting with someone can mean you have moments of doubt. It seems that your reasons and emotions are out of balance, your mind talks one thing, and your heart goes in another direction. The dream indicates that you are in an internal conflict. It’s time to think and reflect!

If your dreams are limited to quarrels without fighting, it means you are having a hard time-solving problems right now. But if the vision involves physical violence or commonly fighting, then that’s a warning! You must be careful and attentive to act directly in resolving this situation.

Dream of seeing a fight

The dream of watching people fight, and you do nothing, and it is a message from your subconscious that you are not taking the initiative. You may be in a difficult situation, but you are afraid to make a decision.

If you want to stop a fight, but you are afraid, then you feel guilty for not meddling in real-life situations. You might have witnessed injustice or seen something … Read the rest