13 Elevator Dream Interpretation

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elevator dream meaning

What does an elevator dream mean? What signs of such dreams? First, we must remember that our dreams have many meanings in our lives. The vision is connected with the subconscious and all emotions that result from our lifetime.

Some symbols that our thoughts produce during sleep can represent what our minds cannot see as long as we are awake. It is a change, a link that connects an old phase to a new stage of our experience. We must be aware of what the subconscious is telling us.


The secret lies in our subconscious way of reminding us, through these symbols of how we can face the positive and negative emotions that we see in our daily lives. The mind teaches us how we can get to know each other better to learn to face our fears and longings. Self-knowledge is the essential thing in an individual’s life. What does it mean to dream of an elevator?

Heading into the context of dreams, what is the meaning of dreams about elevators? Why does this machine appear in our sleep? As we already know, the lift moves continuously. It is what the elevator dream shows us.

Dreaming of an elevator shows movement, a constant transition, between up and down, life setbacks. The lift in a dream is also a particular cage, because, with the door closed, it becomes a closed and small space.

Dreaming about elevators also represents our tenacity. Be aware of the many meanings of elevator dreams and see if anything matches your dreams.

Dream that you are in an elevator

If you dream of being in an elevator, that dream indicates that you are developing in life, both socially and professionally. Use this moment to take advantage of every opportunity for new relationships, especially intimate ones. You are ready and mature for a relationship. Also, enjoy opportunities for career advancement because you will achieve your financial success through them.


Dreaming that the elevator is going up and you are in it, this increase shows that you see life with a more optimistic and more aware perspective.

Dream about a falling elevator

The meaning of the elevator falling with you inside shows your lack of emotional control. Just like the elevator in your dreams, when you don’t have control of your life, you can also fall free. And that can bring difficulties when making decisions.

If you dream about up and down, it shows some obstacles that you experience in your life. Actual events may be traumatic for your personal life and at work! This lack of control and emotional instability makes you feel trapped in setbacks.

Dream of taking the elevator to the top floor

Dreaming of an elevator is a good sign for your life. A lift that goes up shows that you will achieve long-awaited professional success by significantly improving your financial experience.

The dream also shows spiritual maturity. You develop spiritually. Take control of your life and increase your ability to control your emotions and solve problems diplomatically.

dream broken elevator

Dream of an elevator going down

The meaning of a lift goes down in a dream, especially if you control it downward. It shows that you have a complete command of the ‘decline’ and maturity to resolve every impasse that arises in your life, especially on your emotional side. The elevator that goes down also shows good luck. It will bring you success in your career.

Dream about a broken elevator

This dream can be a bad sign for you. As when the dream is about a falling elevator, dreaming of a broken elevator signifies a lack of emotional control, due to some obstacles caused by bad experiences for you in your work and life.

But for any situation that seems unresolved, the best thing you can do is stop thinking about how to deal with it.

Dreaming of an old elevator

An old elevator in a dream shows that you are trying to run away from an unpleasant situation. If there are ghosts from the past that still bother you, try to forget and live the present. Even though the past is part of our history, it is over. Live in the present.

Dreaming of a full elevator

If you dream of a crowded elevator that cannot reach the door to exit, this is a sign that you must be more determined and more diligent in your work. You need to set your goals more concretely if you want to achieve your professional goals.

Dream about an empty elevator

The meaning of an empty elevator in a dream is an indication that if you are not careful about your work life, you could experience severe financial losses. If you are in investment, or have money saved and need to use it, be careful because a sign of financial loss can mean bankruptcy due to misuse. Save when you have mature ideas and set goals.

Dream of an elevator in the hotel

Dreaming of a hotel elevator shows your determination for a successful future. This dream indicates that you will be able to achieve this goal, and your life will be smoother financially. If you dream of hotel elevators, keep looking for opportunities, especially at work.

dream fall elevator

Dream about the elevator stopping

Dreaming of a stationary elevator is a sign of damage. This dream shows that you or your relatives may have health problems. It’s time for you and your family members who are most vulnerable to illness to see a doctor.

Dream about an elevator going up and down

Dream of elevators going up and down, continually showing what is happening in one’s life. Dream of going up and down all the time, it shows that you are facing a problem, you have to solve it.

Dream about horizontal lifts

The meaning of horizontal lifts in dreams is a sign that you have adjusted to your current life situation, good or bad, and that you don’t have high expectations for growth, but also no deep worries. Remember that life is too dynamic for you to park. Pursuing growth and new experiences is what drives us to live.

Dream stuck in the elevator

Dreaming that you are trapped in an elevator, moving or not, this is a sign that you are living an effortless way of life and that you are moving from the encouragement of others.

If you have understood the meaning of dreams about elevators, start thinking about how you can adjust yourself, and seek great success in life.

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