10 Wallet Purse Dream Interpretation

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Wallet Purse Dream Meaning

Dreaming about a purse and a wallet represents self-confidence. The meaning of this dream will depend on details in sleep, and it shows self-knowledge that you did not previously have. You will also find a desire to change careers, or you feel doubt, among others.

In general, dreams about purses also relate to trust and power. You can do what you want. It is a perfect dream. But be careful in some situations! This dream can show excessive insecurity and dependence on others. Don’t let others control your actions and life. It applies when you give a bag full of valuables to others because they asked for it.


To find out more about the meaning of a wallet or a purse in various situations, below are some pictures in different contexts.

Dream of seeing a purse

When you see a purse in a dream, it can have different meanings depending on the type of bag. In general, it bodes the mind and self-knowledge to be more introspective. You might experience something that requires more knowledge. It’s not a nightmare, although the meaning is rather scary.

Dream of holding a wallet

Holding a purse or wallet in a dream shows that you have a secret that you want to keep well. You don’t want to hurt someone, or you don’t want to express it. It is what makes this dream present in your sleep.

Dream of someone else’s wallet

The dream meaning of someone else’s wallet is related to care needs. It would help if you had a more careful attitude to enjoy life as usual. The dream also shows your curiosity about other people so that you can trust them more. New people have a past and experience that you don’t know about, and that can make you doubt. Be careful because you can end up isolating yourself.

Dream about an empty wallet

Empty wallet in a dream shows fragility. It is a sign that you feel insecure about your own life; you feel vulnerable. The dream is also a sign that you have lost something important.


An empty wallet can also mean a secret that is revealed. If you have a secret, tell it only to people you truly trust. If you have said a secret, make sure that this does not have an adverse impact. Don’t reveal other people’s secrets too! Remember not to disappoint anyone who trusts you.

Dream about a purse full of stuff

When you dream that your purse is full of goods, it shows the exhaustion and excess of commitment. You have so much burden with the things you have to do. This dream shows a tendency to use refugees as a defense mechanism.

You can choose to ignore it rather than face it, but it’s not right. That dream also signifies that you add another person’s burden to your burden. If this is the case, you can help people without absorbing their problems.

Dream of buying a purse

When you dream of buying a purse, this shows a change in the reasonable future. This change will improve my personality and career advancement. It would help if you approached this change even though it may seem strange at first.

Dream about a stolen wallet

When you dream that someone has stolen your wallet, it means you have to be careful. Someone may want to manipulate you or take advantage of you, especially in finance. At work, be cautious that someone tries to steal your ideas or exploit your abilities.

Dream of a red purse

When you dream of a red purse, it’s related to passion and romance. A red wallet is about pure energy, you have a high intensity, and your love life is promising. Be careful not to get lost in love and forget about other obligations. However, if the dream comes with a bad feeling, then this is a sign that you are too focused on finances and forget to take chances.

Dream of a black wallet

The black wallet in a dream represents secrets and mysteries. It is your need to keep secrets in your life. You need to maintain your personal life, and you need time to be alone. This dream can also show excessive fear of rejection. Find a balance between what you let others see and what you keep for yourself.

Dream of losing your wallet

When you lose your wallet in a dream, this is a sign that you have lost your own identity. You may feel you are losing control of your own life. This loss occurs because of changes in life. Change is never easy, but don’t worry, you have to stay confident. The dream also shows that you are a person who is willing to receive and emit good energy; there is good news in the future.

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