4 Dream Interpretation Of Fish Scales

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Dream Interpretation Of Fish Scales

Fish scales are the outer part of the fish body. Those have the function of protecting the fish bodies from any damage that may occur. Scales are often related to animals like fish. It is a bony structure made of keratin and forms the skin. The presence of scales in a dream is also associated with a particular fish.

If you didn’t do anything related to fish before but dreamed about scales, it signifies a message about something. Similar to the function of scales on fish, this dream interpretation also says so. Every dream with fish scales can represent the precautions you must have in your struggle.


The scales symbolize the shield you have to protect yourself. Apart from that, you must also pay attention to the people around you and any complicated situations. When you see fish scales, it can be a sign that you need to make crucial work-related decisions. Meanwhile, knowing the true meaning will depend on the context of the dream. Here are some interpretations of fish scales.

Dream of seeing fish scales

When you see fish scales, even in large quantities, this dream signifies that you must pay attention to your current situation. Maybe you are too indifferent and don’t consider something as crucial. You need to know that toxic people get you into tricky situations. It can lead to conflict and opposition within you. More than that, emotional problems will follow you anytime. For this reason, you must immediately get away from anyone who wants to hurt you or cause you a problematic condition. If you encounter damage, you need to work hard to repair it even though it won’t return to normal like before.

Dream of fish scales on the ground

Seeing fish scales falling on the ground or finding them anywhere signifies unexpected events in your life, especially at work. This image indicates that something is wrong at work. You should immediately evaluate this problem and solve it. You need to have a better working relationship with your co-workers.

Dream of scales on your body

If you see your body full of scales, this symbolizes that you will face a terrible moment. It is the pressure that stresses you out and affects you. It is an emotional pain that can develop into a serious one. It would help if you tried extra hard to eliminate all suffering. It will take determination and persistence. It will depend on how you put effort into learning. Thus you will be able to overcome every lousy situation to achieve the happy life that you so desire.

Dream of cleaning fish from scales

When you remove fish scales and clean them, this signals happiness. This dream closely relates to fish, conveying a message about wish fulfillment. It is a sign that you will be able to achieve excellent professional results.


In general, this dream announces happiness because you can have a perfect life in material terms. Of course, it won’t come just in one night. It would help if you still worked hard to make it happen. It would help if you stayed enthusiastic at work because what you do with persistence will not be in vain. Read more dream about fish.

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