6 Dragon Dream Interpretation

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Dragon Dream Interpretation

Dragons are terrifying mythological creatures and are very powerful in their time. Dragons are always a symbol of courage and strength. Dreaming about dragons, this is contrary to what many people think. The dream of a dragon represents a good sign. If you dream about it, chances are you will be pleased.

As you already know, not every dream has the same meaning. To find out what it means, you need to look at the context of your dreams. What happens in your dreams will determine the interpretation of dreams. Dreams are a part of our lives, sometimes we forget, sometimes we don’t really care, and sometimes this inspires us.


In general, dreaming of a dragon means you have a real friendship, and they will protect you. Undoubtedly, this is a perfect dream, because the dragon is a symbol of loyalty and strength. By dreaming of a dragon, you can be sure that your faithful friend will defend you in any way.

So, if you dream of a dragon, you can be very calm, because this is always a good sign to have a dream like this. So to find out everything you need about the dragon dream, keep reading this interpretation, and get answers.

Dream of seeing a dragon

As you can see, this is one of many big dragon dreams. This dream shows that you love your friends and family. Be the person who is always there for them, so that other people’s opinions about you do not change.

Another essential meaning is that the dragon is also a symbol of great wealth. So dreaming of it is a sign that you will have fun in your life and will have sound finances.

Dream of a dragon attacking you

The dream of a dragon trying to attack you, you don’t need to be afraid because it is a sign that you will soon face a powerful enemy. It is perfect because you will come out victorious. When you can overcome the dragon, know that you do not let arrogance rule you, because it will endanger your life.


If the dragon attacks someone else, this dream is a message to watch out for! If you dream of a dragon attacking someone, it means you should pay more attention to the people around you because not everyone wants you to be in their circle.

Dream of a flying dragon

If you dream of seeing a dragon that flies, you will live in a time when you need to do the task of showing the quality of your true self to your family and yourself. Some people don’t see this dream as a good thing. But actually, it tries to show you that you need to work very hard to achieve the items you want. People can also recognize and will appreciate all your efforts.

This dream also shows that you might experience some rather severe problems in your life. But with faith and hard work, you will be able to overcome this obstacle. So don’t ever give up on your dreams and keep fighting so you can achieve what you want.

Dream of riding a dragon

The dream of riding a flying dragon comes to signal that you will soon be able to solve your problem and overcome the obstacles that separate you from your ideals.

Dream of a big scary dragon

You don’t need to worry when you see this terrible dragon monster. This dream shows that you must immediately go through a phase where many severe problems will confront you. Dreaming of an enormous giant dragon symbolizes that you will face several obstacles on your journey. Unfortunately, you will often feel weak and think about giving up. But think again, do you deserve to give up after everything you’ve done?

When everything feels complicated, remember that you are not alone in this matter. On your side, there will always be people who care about you and help you get where you want. So if you feel stuck looking for help, look around, there will always be a few people to help you.

Dream of seeing many dragons

When you dream of seeing many dragons, you should pay more attention to your love affairs. This dream can mean someone around you; friends and family members are trying to do something to disturb and end it. For those who are in a love relationship, this kind of dream is a warning that you stay close to the person you love. If you move away from each other, you can be heartbroken and never come back.

It’s also a sign that you have a particular interest in someone, but you don’t dare to talk to that person and express everything you feel. You suddenly think hidden inside you.

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