11 Dragonfly Dream Interpretation

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Dragonfly Dream Interpretation

To dream of a dragonfly represents a moment full of fantasy. This flying insect is indeed unique and full of puzzles. These are animals that have nearly 360-degree vision. To catch it with bare hands requires excellent effort.

The appearance of dragonflies in dreams has a particular meaning. It is an insect that inspires desire and vitality. In general, dragonflies in dreams tell about your current state of mind.


Dragonflies in dreams also signify that you maintain your youth while reflecting on your desires. As long as you feel that you have the power to be able to achieve the impossible, then it will come true.

Dreaming of dragonflies can reflect one’s feelings. This symbol shows that you must know how to place yourself by thinking about other people’s feelings. It would help if you considered your outlook on life for better results.

In a bad sense, dragonflies symbolize a lack of self-confidence that affects you. What you do fails, and this brings disappointment. Dragonflies in dreams are heralds of change. Therefore, the difference is more considerable, and you can always start over.

Dragonflies of all colors show that you lack persistence. Specific responsibilities will cause you a lot of inconvenience and significant losses in the economic field. Therefore, you need to take action to avoid this outcome.

Dream about a small dragonfly

When you see dragonfly cubs in a dream, this indicates complications. If baby dragonflies are in green leaves, it is a sign that you will find happiness even though everything seems to be going the other way. This dream also represents suffering or illness.


Dream of dragonflies attacking you

When you dream about dragonfly attacks, this signifies that you are in a problematic situation. What do you see from the wrong angle, either because of a lack of explanation or your prejudices that do not allow you to accept reality?

Dream of killing a dragonfly

If you dream of killing dragonflies, it can mean that someone has cruelly hurt you and left you with a wound that is difficult for you to treat.

Dream of catching dragonflies

When you try to catch a dragonfly or if this insect lands on your body, this is a sign of good luck. This dream states that you must eliminate your delusions to achieve the maximum happiness you have worked hard for.

Dream of a dragonfly at home

When you dream of dragonflies at home, it carries a message that you have to be careful. There is something hidden that you cannot see in the truth. Maybe some people hide the fact, or someone in the shadows wants to hurt you for fun.

Dream of a giant dragonfly

If you dream of a giant dragonfly, that means you have a problem that you can’t solve, and it gets complicated. Whatever your worries, these dreams carry your warning that you must take action or worse conditions will come.

Dream of dragonflies chasing you

If you run from being chased by dragonflies, this indicates a lack of confidence in your abilities. This dream invites you to discover your skills and start thinking about yourself. If you don’t get away, it symbolizes that you are having problems maintaining a balance between your personal and professional life. It will cause stress and high levels of anxiety.

Dream with a blue dragonfly

If you see a blue dragonfly, this indicates that you need willpower and discipline to be able to make the best of all your talents and potential. You may feel pressured and don’t know what else to do to move forward, and this could be your answer.

Dream of a dead dragonfly

When you see a dead dragonfly, this is a sign that you have crossed the line of discipline. It would help if you worked by applying punishment, but you start to forget your responsibilities towards others.

Dream about a brown dragonfly

When you see a brown dragonfly, it symbolizes the danger of manipulation. You may act sly toward others. It would be against their will. These actions generally do not have a good ending. Therefore, this is the time for you to start analyzing your activities and doing something to fix them.

Dream with a white dragonfly

If you see a white dragonfly, this shows that you can enjoy happy times in a situation that you need most. Remember the good times and be grateful for everything that has made you successful.

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