11 Dove Pigeon Dream Interpretation

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Dove Pigeon Dream Interpretation

Usually, dreaming doves represent certain aspects, such as freedom while flying and betrayal. As you might ask, what does it mean to dream about pigeons? Dreams like this are full of various suggestions that can talk about many aspects of your life.

Pigeons are a symbol of peace and also in the world of dreams. Dreaming about doves is a good sign. Dreaming about doves in the window can show you a resolution to family conflicts, whereas dreaming of a black dove shows that a dark moment is approaching you.


What does it mean to dream of pigeons? In many cases, this is a good sign. You need to know that humans have used these birds to send messages from one place to another. You might need to share your opinions and feelings with others too. Also, you must pay attention to every detail in a dream to find the message that the subconscious tells you.

Dream of a white dove

The dream meaning of white dove is a perfect thing. White is associated with calm and is a universal symbol of peace. So, you can feel calm because this announces a good sign. If you see a white dove, it is a sign that you are at peace with yourself.

However, it would help if you remembered that the meaning would vary. It depends on the number of pigeons and what these birds do. When you see more than two doves, this indicates that there will be a truce, reconciliation in the family. Some disputes have made you feel chaotic, and eventually, this will be over. It does not involve you directly, but it still affects you.

On the other hand, if you observe a group of white pigeons flying, be prepared that good news will come. It’s a sign that you will soon have an unmatched opportunity to realize your dreams.

Dream of a black dove

The dream meaning of black dove is not a good sign. In the dream world, black represents terrible things. Therefore, you can imagine what will happen in the future for you. This dream reveals that moments of sadness will come. It has to do with sorrow and despair in your life.


Now you don’t know what that is because everything works as it should. But what the dream says is that certain things will soon change and this will not get better. It is also related to your finances. The black dove that approaches you also symbolizes the death of someone in your family or someone very close to you.

Dream of a gray dove

Seeing a gray dove in the sense of a dream signifies that you have confusing feelings. You are at a crossroads, and you do not understand very well who you are and what your life goals are.

Likewise, this dream is related to insecurity. You are not sure whether your work makes you happy. It would help if you dared to take on new challenges to find more surprises.

Dream of a dead dove

Dream of a dead dove

A dove dies in a dream indicating death from a romantic relationship. This dream symbolizes your mental state. Relationships with your current partner may not produce good results. You have been considering a decision for some time, but you are afraid.

As you know, pigeons are a symbol of freedom and calm. However, if you see it dead, it is a sign that you are not in the right emotional balance. A lousy atmosphere causes you to experience some problems.

Dream of many doves

When you dream of a flock of pigeons, you must understand that it has many meanings. It all depends on the color of this bird. You also need to be aware of the feelings you have in the dream. This dream can show so much that new paths and opportunities will open for you. On the other hand, this also symbolizes a period of extraordinary sadness.

Dream of a dove attack

The dream of a pigeon chasing and even pecking you is a symbol of bad news. You need to know that bad news is coming. Be careful with gossip because the cause is someone who is spreading false rumors about you. It is also related to finance and investment you are doing in the last few days.

Dream of a flying dove

It’s a clear symbol of how you feel internally, and you should pay special attention to the color of the flying dove and its behavior. It’s a sign of hopelessness and boredom that you feel. You feel like flying away from all your problems. If the pigeon is bright-colored, it’s a sign that you think a lot of calm and peace. It is one of the best dream with pigeons that you may have. Read more dream of flying without wings.

Dream of pigeons at home

If several pigeons are flying all over your house, that is a sign of change. It would help if you had a modification because you are starting to feel doubtful. It can also represent a trip you would do. However, if one of the pigeons rests on your shoulder, it indicates the arrival of a new member coming to your house. On the other hand, if a group of pigeons stands on the window sill, this brings good news.

Dream of killing a dove

Dream of a dove nest

A dove nest in a dream is a good thing. The dream represents the comfort you feel, and this is from the people around you. You are fortunate because you and your family are in a moment of joy and prosperity. This dream also shows that whoever is beside you will be loyal to you.

Dream of killing a dove

When you slaughter a pigeon, this dream shows that you will end the harmony of your own life. It may not be a deliberate decision, but something you will do will determine this situation. You must be aware of your actions if you do not want to suffer extraordinary consequences.

Dream of a wounded dove

Dreams about sick and injured pigeons come as announcements of tragic things. You will receive relevant news, but it won’t be fun. You have to prepare well to be healthy.

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