5 Scales Dream Interpretation

  •  A. Christian

Scales Dream Interpretation

Scales are tools to determine the weight of something in particular. There are many types of scales on the market, each having its function. The symbol of the scales also represents justice which you need to pay attention to.

Dreams about scales are related to balance. It reflects that you must pay attention to the things happening in your life and know what is good and evil. This dream also describes what situations you should avoid, making it difficult for you.

It is a dream that rarely happens to anyone. When this symbol is present, you may want to know more about its meaning. This dream shows various situations with the people around you. Every vision with scales is closely related to some problem, whether work, personal relationships, or finances.

Dream of seeing scales

When you dream of seeing a scale, it signifies that many problems of sadness and depression will hit you. It makes you feel terrible about yourself and the people around you because of certain things.

Don’t worry because this sadness will not last forever and will be temporary. It will help you to better connect with yourself or to think about a worrying situation.

Dream of measuring something with a scale

Putting something on a scale and measuring it signifies you have the right to make decisions. Whatever decision you make may also affect the lives of others. It would help if you were fair because your choices will determine many aspects.

Dream of broken scales

When you see a broken scale, it symbolizes a loss of balance and justice. You may see something that you feel is unfair. The ranking reflects the balance, and if the tool is damaged, it indicates a loss of justice.

On the other hand, this dream can talk about yourself about what you are doing. Have you been unfair to yourself or others?

Dream of weighing yourself on the scales

If you weigh your own body, this dream signifies that you have to avoid problems. This dream also indicates that you must try to stay calm above all else. Keep working on troubleshooting to find a solution. The most important thing is that you should be able to avoid problems related to the law.

Feeling overweight when you weigh yourself in a dream indicates that you are overworked or under pressure. Meanwhile, if you lose weight, this is a sign that your responsibilities are too heavy, and it makes you feel shaky.

Dream of someone weighing themselves on the scales

If you see other people standing on the scales, it is a dream for you to understand that you cannot leave your affairs in other people’s hands. You have to be the one who is responsible for your actions and have the courage to face everything that happens. Even if you have a complex problem, you must face it with courage.

Remember that leaving your problems in someone else’s hands will worsen the situation. Nothing will end in a good way. Be yourself to solve your concerns, and take care of yourself.

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