6 Clown Dream Interpretation

  •  A. Christian

Clown Dream Interpretation

Dreaming of a clown can come to everyone. It represents warnings and good things. Sometimes this dream is also so scary because clowns also like to carry out terror. Even so, it all depends on how you feel about clowns.

Clowns indicate fun and happiness. If you have had this dream, you may also have a phobia with clowns or a particular fear. If you have been having fun lately, this dream is a manifestation of this pleasure. However, it can also mean that your life is not that fun recently, and you are trying to survive.

Dreaming of a clown also indicates the greatest fear that you are worried about something in particular. You know that there is something that you fear in reality. Clowns can also symbolize that you have just overcome a specific fear or face a problem directly.

Finally, this dream has good and bad meanings because of the funny characters that can make you laugh. However, clowns can appear in dreams and cause panic, especially in children who are so afraid of clowns.

Dream of a killer clown

This dream expresses your belief that everyone is OK. Even so, you should know that this kind of character will make a lot of people dishonest to you. They try to trick you and even get some of your property.

It also shows terrible luck and your inability to stop feeling embarrassed about something. Bad people pretend to be supporters but try to manipulate you. It is time for you to free yourself from evil so that nothing can hurt you in the long run.

Besides that, this dream also shows that you will argue with your enemy. Meanwhile, you don’t think before you act. It would help if you reflected on working according to yourself. The dream is related to fake people who appear in your life. It also shows an image that you are hiding your true self.

Dream of being chased by a clown

This dream shows a secret that you have been hiding for some time. Maybe you have hidden something, and your subconscious sends a message to start expressing it in public. This dream is also a sign that you might not get help from people if you need them.

Dream about a laughing clown

This dream signifies that you feel you do not intend to have fun or enjoy extraordinary things at this time. This dream tells you that you need to take a vacation to enjoy life. If the clown laughs at you, it reveals that you are acting wrong, which can harm you.

Dream about an ugly clown

This dream shows that some people are trying to embarrass you in public. It would help if you found a way to keep your distance from them in the future. This dream can symbolize a life situation that annoys you.

If you dream of an ugly clown, this also shows that you ignore your conscience. It will make you go bankrupt, and you will ignore morals that will drop your reputation.

Dream of a good clown

If you dream of a good clown and you feel happy, this indicates several people who will give you advice and guidance. You have to pay attention to this warning if you don’t want to mess up your life.

On the other hand, if you feel uncomfortable in a dream, this is a bad sign. This dream can show activities that will damage your reputation and make you feel embarrassed. You have to be able to control yourself.

This dream also shows that you are vulnerable to current conditions, and many people tend to take advantage of your good intentions. The dream of seeing a good clown shows that you need to overcome difficult situations and stay away from bad people.

Dream of an evil clown

If you dream of an evil clown, it shows that someone close to you is dishonest. This person will do something to betray to you soon, and you will feel disappointed.

This dream can also show your fear of shame. If an evil clown chases you, dreams like that show problem with certain people. You may want to restore lost relationships with them, but they do not support this effort.

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