8 Crying Dream Interpretation

  •  A. Christian

cry dream meaning

Humans are one of the species on this planet who weep and shed tears to express feelings. Whereas in animals, unlike us, crying is vocalization. It is a way to attract the attention of adults, and tears function as eye lubricants; however, if you cry because as an emotional expression, only humans can.

Well, you must have come here because you dreamed of crying, or maybe someone in your dream cried. The dream meaning of crying refers to your instincts and how it can help you occasionally. Dream of crying is a symbol of decision, freeing yourself from emotions, fears, and sadness in real life.

A proper understanding of crying or seeing someone cry in a dream, we need to analyze the circumstances involved in every dream. The way dreams can be revealed or what triggers cries is fundamental to understand what your subconscious wants to convey.

Some people might directly link dreams about crying with bad signs, but this is not always the case. To better understand what we are talking about, let’s look at some examples of crying dreams in various contexts.

Dreaming you cry

It is a clear representation that you have suppressed emotions. Crying indicates that you have faced various pressures in your life, making decisions and that it is not easy. Many of these decisions may have involved in your work. You decide whether to change jobs by risking something better or safer but may stagnate.

This dream may also mean that you will end your love relationship or depend on your position, even a difficult decision because you have to fire someone.

Dream of seeing someone cry

It can be a good sign. Someone will come into your life and make a difference; maybe a new and refreshing love relationship will start in your life, or perhaps a partnership in the business and work that you plan to realize. It is a unique moment, and you can get a lot of good things from it. Don’t forget to pay for services for everything you produce. Be thankful!

This dream also signifies that some of your actions cause sadness to others. What can you do to make this happen? Try to reflect on how you have treated the people around you, whether you have ignored those who sincerely care about you.

Dream of hearing someone cry

When you dream of hearing the sound of crying but you don’t see or identify where the sound is coming from, this dream is a reflection of your unknown self. You have skills and talents that you have not yet discovered. Maybe even something that you will do well is around you, but you haven’t realized that you’ve never tried it.

Sometimes unique talent is never found because we are satisfied with what we do. Get out of this comfort zone and try it. If you don’t work, you will never know.

Dream of making someone cry

There is symbolism implicit in dreams like that, and this is in your relationship. Most likely, it is a love relationship, but in some cases, this may refer to a very close relationship. If you make someone cry like your husband, wife, or boyfriend, this means that times of crisis may come or are happening.

Find peace and avoid disputes. Don’t force stupid debate and do the important thing, which is seeing where you have failed instead of just seeing the mistakes of others.

Dream about a crying child

Get ready, something that will surprise you on your way, but calm down. The dream of a crying child is usually not a bad sign, and it can even represent the arrival of someone new to the family, such as a relative who is getting married or also has a baby.

Dreaming of seeing relatives cry

This dream reveals that someone close to you has gone through periods of depression and sadness. You might not even know how much this person will do, but rejoice, your presence will revitalize. This dream can also mean reconciliation with the person you love.

Dream of crying with joy

Now is the time to pay more attention to your intuition. Of course, not always following instincts or listening to instincts blindly is a good idea. But sometimes we have to listen to the conscience that guides us.

Dream about your friend crying

Don’t try to solve everything yourself; be humble enough to ask someone for help when something is too heavy for you to start appearing. This dream shows that you are going through a situation that you should not try to face alone.

Seek support from friends who are trusted, robust, and dare to face something unexpected and challenging to resolve. Don’t despair; everything in life passes, and the excellent wind will blow again. Bad moments are usually the most striking in our lives for reasons that are quite understandable. However, only such a phase will stimulate our personal growth.

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