11 Wound Dream Interpretation

  •  A. Christian

Wound Dream Interpretation

Dreaming about a wound on the body symbolizes that you must always be careful. Like a dream about a bruise or blister, it gives a feeling about something wrong, or you will get hurt. This dream shows that you must stop and take a closer look at what is happening around you.

Dreaming of an injured body also shows that there is someone around who has jealous feelings. It can harm you in various ways if no solution you find. Next below what it means to dream of a wound.

Dream about an open wound

The dream meaning of an open wound signifies that you must be aware of your emotions. This kind of dream is related to your deepest feelings. Something that hurts you, and you need to solve as soon as possible and not ignore it at all.

Dream of a wound that has just healed

The dream meaning of a wound that has healed reminds you of something you have overcome. Usually, these dreams come into sleep at the awkward emotional moment you are suffering. This dream has the intention to show that something similar that you have overcome befIt would help if you.triedt try to win again. Believe in your strengths and potential. Don’t let fear and insecurity take over.

The dream of healing wounds also comes to show that good luck will come, and you have gone through something that has hurt you. All of this is because of the right choices you have had lately.

Dream about facial wounds

The dream meaning of the wounds on your face symbolizes a powerful emotion. The emotions you feel make you panic and even obsession. These emotions can range from love to terror over a situation. It makes you so healthy with these feelings that you lack sleep. Be careful if this happens! Whatever is excessive or what you do in fear can be dangerous.

Dream of head wound

The meaning of a dream about a head injury signifies a warning that you are creating ways and ideas because you are afraid of the new responsibilities that come to you. This dream is closely related to the wounds of the past that made you give up a lot without you can cure it.

Dream about a wound on the hand

The dream meaning of the wound on your hand shows that you cannot reconnect physically with someone due to trauma. This dream arises for you to try to solve this problem. If you don’t complete it, this will prevent it in the next new relationship. This dream is a cry from the subconscious that you feel unable to assume what you believe is necessary.

Dream of closed wound

The dream meaning of a closed wound or treating an ulcer symbolizes that the problem from the problem is then you are not finished. This dream comes as a sign that past events will disturb you again. It is time for you to need a lot of reflection and resolve pending problems.

Dream about a wound not healing

The meaning of a dream about an unhealed wound for a long time signals a recent misunderstanding. However, this settlement can end badly. Try to finish as soon as possible, don’t delay because of fear. You will need a dialogue with honesty and apology.

Dreams of wounds on someone’s body

The dream of seeing a wound on the body of another person, friend or relative, this indicates that you are doing something that you do not like. Situations like this can involve fear, insecurity, and anger. You need to understand that you must be grateful because you have the opportunity to work in times of trouble. Besides, this opportunity can bring surprises along the way and cause you to find pleasure in something you are always reluctant to do.

On the other hand, this dream also warns that work that makes you feel unhappy makes you depressed. It prevents you from achieving something better. You have to think hard about your current situation.

Dream of hurting someone

The dream of hurting others symbolizes that you will face challenges. You have to face an unpleasant situation. Don’t worry, the moment will pass, and even you are ready for something better.

This kind of dream also warns that you have a boss who is very cruel and makes you have a toxic relationship with your workplace. If you realize that this is your case, focus on opening the dialogue so that there are no worse consequences.

Dream about foot injuries

The dream of an injured foot indicates that you feel unable to act in any situation. You cannot do previously simple tasks. It prevents you from growing, and you think barren with your abilities. Take a deep breath and see everything you have achieved. Show how you can get out of this bad phase. Don’t spend too much time worrying about where your life is going.

Dream of a stomach wound

The dream of an injured stomach shows that you feel unable to resolve specific difficulties that are holding you back. If you see someone punching your stomach, then you must be careful!

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