12 Window Dream Interpretation

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Window Dream Interpretation

Dreaming about a window can have a different meaning. Usually, this dream brings a good sign. In most cases, it shows that you are on the right track to carry out the plan.

Dreams about windows can also signify professional opportunities, overcome obstacles, or show that new love is coming. The window can show that you have hope that things will improve. However, this all depends on what happens when you sleep. All events will determine different meanings and conclusions.


Dream of seeing a window

When you see a window in a dream, it shows that excellent opportunities will come soon. When you only see a window, it can also mean that you are a sensitive person, and you must stay alert. Dreaming with a window also warns you that you should pay more attention to this situation and start acting accordingly with confidence.

Dream about an open window

If you see a window open, there are possible alternatives and new opportunities in your life. It shows that you will have the choice to decide. The dream meaning of an open window also indicates that you are a firm person and don’t give up in the face of adversity.

Dream of a closed window

If you dream about a closed window, this can make you worry, because it’s not a pleasant dream. The meaning of a closed window signifies the challenges that will arise in your life. However, this also shows that this obstacle is temporary; you must face it bravely.

Dream of looking out the window

When you dream of seeing something outside the window, it depends on what you see. If you see a beautiful view, this is a sign that you must continue the delayed plan. Now it’s time to renew your work and fight for what you want. On the other hand, if you see a terrible sight, this shows that you must have power because the problems you face can increase.

Dream of seeing someone in the window

When you dream of seeing someone through a window, it is a sign that you are going through a moment of calm. Don’t expect disapproval, and still maintain a pleasant mood with the person you love. Try to keep this peace because you are with the right person.


Dream of opening a window

When you dream of opening a window, it’s an excellent time to be happy. This dream brings a good sign, and unique opportunities will arise in the professional field. This dream also shows that you have the chance to run a business. Use this opportunity to do great things.

Dream of closing the window

If you close the window, this is a sign that you are protecting yourself from danger close to you. There is no reason to worry because you will be protected. This dream also says that you have made the right decision. If you want to change something, you have to be brave in making decisions.

Dream about jumping out the window

If you dream of jumping out the window, you need to pay attention to your financial side. It is a warning that economic problems may arise. Thus, try to review your finances. Make a better plan and focus on solving the issues that arise. Remember that this dream is a warning, and you must be able to overcome any difficult situation.

Dream about windows won’t open

When you can’t open a window, this indicates that you don’t commit to something. You may have underestimated something, and this can make you lose both materially and spiritually.

Dream of broken glass windows

When you dream about a broken window, this indicates that your home will experience some changes in the coming days. Besides, dreaming of windows with broken glass signifies that someone close to you will damage your confidence. This person can be involved in all aspects of your life. You must be aware of these people. Dreams with broken windows can also mean that you have difficulty adapting to all kinds of changes automatically.

Dream of cleaning the window

When you clean a window, this is a warning that it’s time for you to review your thoughts. You might like to be prejudiced towards others. This behavior can drive people out of your life. Meanwhile, these people can give you new experiences. Try to change your attitude towards other people because you might lose an excellent opportunity.

Dream of throwing something out the window

When you throw something through the window, this dream shows a bad sign that leads to material loss. Although this loss is temporary, you must overcome the difficulty as soon as possible. If you delay handling it, the problem will get worse.

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