12 Gun Weapon Dream Interpretation

  •  A. Christian

weapon dream meaning

The dream about weapons is a symbolic idea that represents the moment of our lives now. Every image that comes to mind has a representation of our intimate and emotional side. But do you know the true meaning of dreams about a gun?

Dreaming of weapons can express excellent and evil in your life, depending on your current state of mind.

A dream about a gun can symbolize an escape from your responsibilities and resistance and rebellion to change. The gun is attached to your aggressive side, an object that can hurt people around you, be it a melee weapon or a firearm.

The dream meaning of weapons also symbolizes our desire to achieve something far from our eyes. This dream represents the desire to achieve our goals, even if it is at an infinite distance.

If you have dreamed of several types of weapons, whether they are firearms, swords, machine guns, daggers, or whatever, be aware of what you are currently living.

Dream about firearms

This kind of dream might not be a good picture. The dream meaning of firearms can indicate some professional issues that must be addressed. Firearms, especially if they are in someone’s hands, give us ideas of aggression and violence to get what we want.

Feelings that connect dreams with firearms can be related to anger, protection, coercion, and power over others. If in that dream, you use a gun and shoot yourself, it shows your feeling of confidence and strength. But beware of this feeling, because if you don’t use it properly, like a weapon, it can end up hurting someone.

Dream about a shotgun

If you are dreaming of this weapon or someone is pointing it at you, it can indicate that you are trying to overcome obstacles in your professional and personal life. Analyze your current experience and the barriers that keep you from developing.

Evaluate ways to achieve your goals, even if some obstacles get in your way. Every obstacle you go through is new learning.

Dream with melee weapons

Depending on your dreams, melee weapons represent decisive moments in your life. If, during a dream you have just glimpsed a melee weapon, it could mean someone from your past will contact you again.

But if you dream that you are using melee weapons, it shows that you are over-exposing yourself, and can be a basis for criticism and judgment. Secretly, because the person who knows best about your life is yourself, beware of evil people who can shake your spiritual peace.

Dream about a toy gun

Dreams with toy guns symbolize the professional and personal goals you want to achieve in your life. Make a list and evaluate how to achieve each goal, because that will be very important for your prosperity and evolution. Read more dream about toys.

Dream of holding a gun

When you dream of holding a firearm, it has no useful meaning. This dream represents your escape from the challenges and conflicts that you must resolve. It also shows that you are willing to use all your weapons to defend yourself without rational and diplomatic dialogue. Be careful with these weapons, even if they are symbolic because they can hurt people and their attitude.

Dream of firing gun

Dreaming of firing a weapon can show that someone is teasing you and getting you out of peace of mind, both at work and in your personal life. Try to prevent unpleasant situations from happening. Stay focused on yourself and your goals, it’s more important than anything you want to achieve.

Dream of running out of bullets

Dreaming of firearm, we already know the meaning very well. But then what does it mean to dream of ammo runs out? Dreams with weapons running out of bullets indicate periods of dissatisfaction. Evaluate what you can improve for your satisfaction.

For many things in life, the path is to stop reflecting. Look for strategies to solve the problem, even if it doesn’t seem to have a solution.

Dreams about black gun

Dreaming of a black weapon has a positive meaning for you. This dream shows that the struggle for your goals is influential and gives you good results. Be aware of the opportunities your life has to offer because great achievements will come from them.

Dream of a golden gun

Dreaming of a golden weapon shows that you have to do it. You get someone at work to achieve your professional goals. This person might not have seen your professional competence. Always ready for new job opportunities.

Dreams of old gun

Dreaming of an old gun can mean a good sign for you. This dream can show your balance between reason and emotions. By mastering your emotional side more and acting more rationally, you can achieve extraordinary results in your professional and personal life.

Dream of buying a gun

Dreaming of buying a weapon is a bad sign for you. If you dream of purchasing a firearm, this means that you are stuck in the past and have difficulty achieving your goals because of thoughts and feelings that you cannot overcome. The time has come to overcome the obstacles associated with your past and forget what made you sick. Start living the good things that life has to offer now and in the future.

Dream about weapons of mass destruction

Bomb and nuclear are weapons of mass destruction. We use weapons in wars where innocent people pay for their lives. If you dream about a destructive weapon, or you dream about an explosion with one of those weapons, then that dream is related to something terrible.

The dream meaning of weapons of mass destruction can indicate a period of divergence from many opinions and discussions in your life. Stop and reflect on the best course of action to take in this situation, because if there is no emotional control during this period, the condition can continue with results that are not pleasant for you.

Now that you know the meaning of dreaming about a gun and various signs try to be more flexible to change, especially to the people around you.

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