11 Vulture Dream Interpretation

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Vulture Dream Interpretation

Dreaming of vultures is a fantastic learning experience. You understand that some things do not depend on you alone and work in ways that you cannot understand them all. It’s also a warning to change certain habits.

What does it mean to dream about vultures? They are ugly animals and related to death. Usually, the bird appears in a dream to give a warning. This warning appears as a way to rethink some of your life attitudes and change habits that can make you improve the way you deal with other people and yourself.


In general, the dream of a vulture means luck and shows that you need to change some attitudes to enjoy things that will bring good luck. However, some meanings about vultures are also not good, and this arises for several reasons. Below you will find several interpretations of what that means with vultures, and you can begin to understand.

Dream of seeing vultures

If you dream of seeing vultures in your sleep, it means that new things will happen in your life. These things will usually be okay because dreams can also symbolize luck.

Dream of a vulture flying

The dream of a vulture in flight opens the door to two different but wrong interpretations. The first interpretation concerns terrible news that might be on the way. So, it would help if you started preparing what lies ahead. The second interpretation symbolizes loss. It is a sign that you have to lose something extraordinary in your life. These two interpretations help you prepare for one of these situations, which can help you not lose control.

Dream of a vulture landing

The dream of a vulture landing is a warning that you need to make crucial decisions that you cannot avoid, and now is the time! So this is an excellent time to think about what needs more objectivity in your life.

Dream of many vultures

The dream of seeing lots of vultures signifies that someone close to you will get lots of money right away. Another possible interpretation is that you will help someone with financial problems.


Dream of vultures around you

The dream that vultures surround you is not a good sign. It symbolizes terrible luck. Therefore, you must be keen to pass the moment and face the challenges ahead. The dream can also have the meaning as a warning for you to survive and try to overcome it with your head raised.

Dream of vulture attack

If you dream that vultures are attacking you, be careful, because this dream is a warning that some people close to you might disappoint you.

The dream comes to tell you that you have to be more careful about what you say. Some people you can trust but also vice versa, they can betray you.

If you are someone who tends to be intensely dependent on others and tells everything about your life, think better before you talk about it, especially if that person you can’t trust.

Dream of a vulture eating a carcass

Even though it’s weird, dreaming about a bird eating a carcass means someone has to lose something for you to win. So that dream means the right time for you, but suffering for others. For example, someone in your company might encourage you to get a promotion.

Dream of a dead vulture

The dream of a dead vulture is a sign of good luck in the financial field! If you are in a financial crisis, rest assured that a vulture dies in your dreams, symbolizing a good job offer or a raise.

Dream of a black vulture

The dream of a black vulture is also a warning, but this time for you to listen more to your conscience and stop doing things that you think are not right. If you oppose your conscience, some bad things might come your way. Black scavengers come to tell you to trust your intuition more and act on what you believe.

Dream of white vultures

A dream with a white vulture means lots of luck! The time is right for you, and this symbolizes maturity. The white bird seems to say that you are ready to do things in your life and have a pleasing time. White vultures also mean new moments, apart from bad ideas, victory on your side.

Dream of killing vultures

The dream of killing a vulture shows that you need to be more careful with your attitude. This period, you tend to create problems that you can altogether avoid. Therefore, you need to pay more attention to what you say and stop listening to others. Nobody wants to make an unnecessary fight.

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