11 Urine Pee Dream Interpretation

  •  A. Christian

Urine Pee Dream Interpretation

Dreaming about urine or pee represents good things. This dream symbolizes that you need to try to release your emotions. Seeing urine in your dreams also describes the feeling you have rejected.

What does it mean to dream of urinating? A dream about urine can symbolize cleansing and release negative emotions or feelings that you have been holding back. Depending on the dream context, peeing is a symbol of whether you have essential control in your life or not. You are upset and don’t express yourself well.

When you wake up from sleep, and you feel like urinating, this dream has no meaning at all. It is just an encouragement from the subconscious that you must immediately make a call to nature. However, if this dream comes spontaneously, then you might want to seek an interpretation of this dream. Below are some dreams of urinating with different contexts.

Dream of urinating

When you dream of urinating, this is a sign that you are releasing negative energy and suppressed emotions. Peeing in a dream indicates a disturbance in your personal life. You will face challenges in the future. However, you don’t need to worry, and you will be able to face challenges along the way. You can easily overcome them and achieve your expectations. Sometimes, this dream shows your willingness to share some personal and confidential issues with someone you consider a loyal friend.

If you accidentally urinate or wet your pants, this implies that you are on the verge of an emotional explosion. You might want to let go of all the feelings you have in you.

Dream of peeing in front of people

When you dream that you are urinating in public, this symbolizes the lack of privacy in personal matters. In this case, the meaning of urine indicates that you are trying to establish boundaries that mark your territory. You feel that people are always watching your every move, including what you want to keep.

Dream of peeing in the bathroom

When you urinate in the bathroom in your dreams, it represents a certain feeling that you recently rejected. The dream also shows that you have complete control over your life. Even so, it will prevent you from feeling beautiful.

You cannot express yourself, and this shows that you are wearing a mask. You will soon face difficulties in your personal life. That way, someone will prove that you don’t always get what you want.

Dream smell of urine

The smell of urine in dreams can indicate that you are genuinely dehydrated. The strong smell of urine in a dream shows that your body is asking you to drink more water.

When you enter a smelly bathroom in a dream, it indicates that you need to control a situation, especially in a work context. Spiritually, if you breathe in the smell of urine, it implies your intuition and sixth sense.

Dream that you can’t pee

When you dream of not being able to pee, you might wake up feeling anxious and afraid. However, this bodes well for your life. This dream comes to say that in a short time, your problems and worries will end.

You might be having a hard time at this stage, but the future will be happier for you. So you have to try to protect yourself emotionally well. Try to do good things because there is no doubt that you can enter this new phase that will cheer you up.

Dream of urinating blood

When you dream that your urine is red or bloody, this shows a loss of passion in life. Blood in the urine indicates that you may suffer from kidney stones or anemia. This dream predicts that a painful time will come. Blood in urine also shows disturbance in your relationships. Thus, something has gone wrong in interpersonal relationships for some time.

Dream of taking a urine bath

Dream of bathing with urine signifies a lack of control in your life. If you see a problem ongoing, the dream warns you to solve it immediately.

Dream of dark urine

Dark urine in a dream implies that your mind is being contaminated. What you want can be at risk, and this will endanger yourself later.

Dream of dog urine

Seeing dog urine in a dream signifies that a close relative will soon be approaching you for a while. It’s an excellent opportunity to discuss various things. If you see a dog peeing on you, that’s a good sign. It’s usually a sign that you will have a pleasant moment with family or close friends.

Dream of drinking urine

When you dream of drinking urine, this is a sign of lots of money and excellent health in your life. Drinking urine in a dream also symbolizes fear if you let others know about your bad emotions. This dream also shows that you have no pride.

Dream of baby urine

When you dream of baby urine, this indicates that you need to release emotions to be born again. This dream shows that you need to get rid of bad feelings. It is a clear message that you can solve any problem. If you see a baby pee, this signifies rebirth and a new beginning. Often, this dream comes when you feel you can not achieve any results.

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