12 Spider Dream Interpretation

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spider dream meaning

The spider in a dream evokes a different reaction, but fear may be the main thing. Arachnophobia, pathological fear of spiders, this is quite common.

Is appearance important? After all, the meaning of dreams about spiders can be far better than you think. This arachnid has the potential to indicate good luck, good friends, and extraordinary prosperity. Spider dreams can take many good meanings, depending on the dream context.


If you always wonder what it means to dream about spiders, stay here for a moment for the next few paragraphs.

Dream of a venomous spider

This spider is no longer very profitable. Its presence in dreams shows a lack of health care. It is also a sign of a destructive relationship. You must take care not to turn crazy passion into a runaway train that will destroy your aspirations and your life.

Dream of a spider crab

Crab spiders, like black spiders, can be scary. This animal is quite large, hairy, and is perhaps the most traumatic nightmare of all arachnophobia. It might indicate that great concern shakes you.

Appearances can be deceptive. Crab spider also symbolizes transparent and robust friendship. The people you love surround you with kindness.

Dream a huge spider

A huge spider, unlike a crab spider, is not always an evil symbol. Some dream experts interpret it as preaching about significant obstacles and disappointments, but in reality, that greatness can be yours!


A giant spider could represent great wealth, great happiness, love a great, great fortune. Enjoy getting the best positivity from dreams.

Dream about spider bites

Dreaming that spiders bit others can represent your empathy, your fear that others will get hurt because of you. It’s important to worry about other people, but you can’t force yourself. Some things don’t only depend on you.

If a spider bites you, your subconscious might be wary of betrayal or change. It is an instability spider. Its presence shakes the foundation that you have held so far. Read more dream of black widow spider bite.

dream spider attack

Dream of cobwebs

It is a dream with a lot of variety. Dreaming of a spider is synonymous with a stable work-life and lots of self-control, while dreaming of destroying a cobweb is a display of strength that shows your willingness to solve problems endlessly. It is fine, but be careful not to act without thinking. Read more cobwebs in dreams.

Dream about spider attacks

Being attacked by a spider but not being bitten may seem like a bad thing, but in fact, it is a sign that you must be vigilant. Don’t let distrust over you, but don’t let others think they can easily control you. If an unexpected event arises and you remain cautious, it will end soon.

Dream of seeing lots of spiders

Dreams with lots of spiders can be a bad experience if you have an irrational fear of them. However, it is a beneficial sight. Maybe talented new friends will come into your life, and your family can grow. Don’t be surprised if you bring a lot of good things for your house, especially luck. The more spiders are, the better!

Dream of a dead spider

This dream is a sign that something very striking will appear or disappear, no matter how good or bad. The truth is that it will be difficult not to recognize it. For example, if it’s a job promotion or losing friendship as bad. So be careful.

Dream of killing a spider

Dreaming of killing a spider can mean suicide. That is, sometimes, your most significant obstacle is yourself. So, don’t waste the excellent opportunities that appear to you.

Dream of eating a spider

This sign shows that you are healthy, like a dream of destroying a cobweb. However, this is a little more strange. Spiders don’t like our tongues. You have to wake up from fear. You have a life force that is scarier than your fear.

Dream of colorful spider

This beautiful spider reflects complexity. You are a person who can observe the world with clarity and passion, such that even arachnids appear in your dreams in one of the most beautiful versions.

dream cow webs

A black spider in a dream

It may seem scary, but this spider comes to your dream world to make you face remorse. If possible, you need to apologize and correct the mistake. Dreaming about these animals can be a good tip for not letting regret and arguments overwhelm your conscience unhealthy.

Dream of a brown spider

Brown spider is another species that represent the idea of stress. In this case, one worries excessively. Maybe you worry too much. With disease outbreaks popping up all over the world, you might become a bit hypochondriac. Don’t let it happen! Divert your attention, perform physical activity in the fresh air.

Dream of a yellow spider

Yellow spiders can symbolize money because of their relationship with gold. These animals are very poisonous and dangerous to humans. Bad times may lie ahead, with emotional frustration, maturity, and concentration are the end of this dream.

Dream of a white spider

This color is strongly associated with love and sexual relations, referring to some implied anxiety and desires. If you are a man who has dreamed of a white spider, you may be afraid of being controlled by your partner in a long relationship or momentary passion. Conversely, if you are a woman and have this dream, it’s because you like to force your will on your partner.

Dream of a red spider

Red is the color of blood and a warning signal. You might care about something or someone; it’s because of health or financial reasons. This dream sounds sad, but deep down, it reveals how you take care of other people. Your subconscious is as good as your awareness.

Dream of holding a spider

It is a great sign, especially if you are not afraid of spiders. It symbolizes its ability to seize opportunities, and treat it with love and respect, a metaphor for your empathy. Lots of luck and lots of money might appear. Make yourself generous and open.

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