11 Skull Dream Interpretation

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Skull Dream Interpretation

Dreaming of a skull can represent everything that you fear. Humans have used images of skulls for centuries as a symbol of warning, danger, or something poisonous. Currently, you can see it in certain places. In general, it is a warning sign.

However, when you dream of seeing a skull, it has various meanings. This dream involves other situations that relate to everything that creates fear in you. An example of this dream is the feeling that you will get sick soon or may end in death. For some, that is a clear sign that someone is trying to poison you.


What does it mean to dream about the skull? Of course, a dream with a head symbolizes danger. This danger is related to all your daily life, such as the economy, family welfare, and relationships that you maintain in your social circle. Usually, if you look at the skull, it will be a bad sign, but it depends on other circumstances to determine the conclusion of this dream.

Sometimes this will allow you to interpret the dangers that lurk and how you can take advantage of the situation in your way. Some cultures and religions have other perspectives on skulls. Therefore, you need to draw each dream to find a more accurate conclusion.

Dream of a human skull

Did you dream of a human skull? This dream is a sign that worry will come and you will feel very weak to deal with the problem. It is the stage where each solution brings a new challenge, and luck is not on your side when you want to overcome the problem.

When you see a human skull, stay away from risky investments. It is not the right time to put your money at risk because you will lose all your money.

Dream skull and bones

Dreams with skulls and bones are a bad sign. It’s a dream that illustrates all the possibilities of destruction in your life, especially those related to your feelings. This dream also reveals the possibility of an impending illness.


When you see a skeleton, let everything run in your life. Something important will go away from your life. If you think that this is the right time to apologize or fix a conflict, it will be a good sign to start reducing what you are worried about. If you have lost someone recently, this dream is a sign that you are concerned about the fate of the person who died.

Dream of a white skull

When you dream of a white skull, this indicates that hard times will approach. It is related to the problem you have in your family. Generally, this is a dream that invites reflection and invites you to act more wisely. Evil thoughts will not help to solve the problem but rather the opposite. There are problems in the past that are now coming back and are a little louder than before.

Usually, when you see a white skull, then you have to be prepared to face debate. Others will also count on your support and ability to resolve the discomfort. In some cultures, dreams of white skulls show positive changes in dealing with adverse effects.

dream about cracked skull

Dream of a black skull

Have you ever dreamed of a black skull? Times of uncertainty are approaching in the field of work. You face an unresolved situation, and this is a big problem for you. It is time to start improving your case so that it doesn’t end with a breakup or maybe losing your job.

Dream of a giant skull

When you dream of a giant skull, it’s a sign that you are losing control of your life because you don’t want to accept help from others. You can’t control your worries and problems; meanwhile, you don’t know what to do. It is time to approach the people you trust and can help you to give advice. If you ask for help and receive it, a solution to your problem will come.

Conversely, if the skull is small, this is a sign that you have ideas that can produce further problems. Even so, you still have time to plan the future accurately.

Dream skull alive

When you dream of a living skull, that is a sign of bad news, especially related to lose. The person you did not meet years ago has just died or will die in the following days, and it bothers you. You don’t talk to this person a little more than you expect. If this death event has not yet occurred, try to call the person you love.

Dream of a dancing skull

Dreams with skulls dancing and mocking, you are a sign that you understand all the problems you have, and you have begun to take the steps you need to improve the situation. If you see a swaying skull, it’s a sign that some of the people you consider your friends want to destroy you.

Dream of a skull in water

The dream of a skull in water indicates that you need an urgent change. You have to get rid of bad people out of your life. This dream shows that your life needs to rid yourself of something terrible if you want opportunities that will come to you. This dream comes when you want to be independent, and it’s not possible for you. Besides that, you missed essential opportunities because you kept hiding.

Dream of a flying skull

Dreams with skulls flying in the sky have several meanings, but this usually refers to hopes for change. It is time to hope that everything evolved in a way that better, so you expect the change will come with positive energy. It is a dream that says you worry, but you accept the challenge to move.

Dream of a dirty skull

When you dream of a dirty skull, this indicates that you will suffer significant material loss in your life.

Dream of a skull and blood

When you dream of a skull and blood, that means you are very vulnerable to suffering from a severe infectious disease. Take precautions before it’s too late.

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