15 Roses Dream Interpretation

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Roses Dream Interpretation

The dream of a beautiful rose symbolizes love and family harmony. Rosebuds in the dream world are a good sign except for withered roses. This dream experience brings happiness to many people because it evokes specific memories.

Dreaming of roses has many meanings. Humans have been attracted and fascinated by dreams like this. If you have a dream about a delightful rose, it will come true. If you dream of a rose without a specific color, this is also related to affection, kindness, and beauty.


What does it mean to dream of a rose? The dream meaning of roses and their beautiful colors send hidden messages to the dreamer—lots of dream interpretations with various contexts that occur in sleep.

Dream of a red rose

A red rose in a dream signifies feelings of passion and love. This dream shows the purest feelings of friendship. In general, you are living a great love, and this will make your life happy. If you have received a red rose in a dream, it reflects affection. On the other hand, if you give this flower to someone, this is a sign that now is the right time to meet old friends.

Dream of a white rose

White roses show the pure love of the right relationship. It is a sign of inner peace, health, and death. If you receive a white rose and feel sad, it is proof that in the future, you will face pain and suffering. This dream also talks about the symbol of renewal in life.

Dream of a pink rose

A pink rose symbolizes softness and sensuality. This dream brings good news in a love affair with your partner. This dream refers to what you are experiencing right now.

Dream of a yellow rose

Yellow roses symbolize true friendship, the union of two people who will last a long time. It can also state that someone close to you will fall in love with you, maybe your friend.


Dream of orange roses

Orange roses in dreams reveal good signs, fun, excitement, celebrations, and new things for you and everyone around you.

Dream of a blue rose

Blue is ubiquitous in dreams. It’s related to mental and physical health, as well as pleasure. If you get a blue rose, this expresses the desire to show the great love you feel for someone.

Dream of white and red roses

This dream has a double meaning because white roses are associated with feelings of peace and stability. Meanwhile, the red rose symbolizes passion. If you like roses in a dream, that reflects that you need to calm yourself.

Dream of a black rose

Black flowers say that your relationship is going through a wrong time. On the other hand, if you like black, the meaning is entirely different. It shows the mystical and sensuality elements.

Dream someone gives you withered flowers

When you dream that you receive a withered rose, this shows that you owe money. You are in an unfortunate moment in a love relationship. The dream indicates that you will not be lucky in what you do. The vision of withered roses warns you of disappointment about fake love or revenge that will harm you. Someone you trust will produce pain and suffering.

Dream of a bouquet of roses

When you dream of a bouquet of roses, this indicates that someone admires you.

Dream of seeing many roses

It shows that you have a strong personality with great artistic talents. But you have to be careful because other people won’t understand you.

Dream about rose thorns

It is a clear warning about the steps you took. It’s time to choose the right path.

Dream of a rose garden

The rose garden symbolizes happiness, prosperity, security, and you are not afraid to face the world because you don’t owe it to anyone.

Dream with the scent of roses

When you dream of smelling a rose, this is an announcement that a new experience will give you a chance.

Dream about a giant rose

When you see roses that are so big, this is a sign that great love continues to develop. You have to get ready because something new is growing.

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