13 Rabbit Dream Interpretation

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rabbit dream meaning

At some point in your life, you have dreamed of a rabbit. You have been wondering since you had dreams about rabbits. The dream meaning of rabbits, in general, shows a change in your life and yourself.

Rabbits are animals that symbolize calm. That is why it is very related to our childhood. Many people have dreamed of rabbits and are looking for spiritual transitions related to emotions. Evolution to see life more optimistically.


The dream of a rabbit symbolizes a period of transition. However, this also depends on the rabbit dream you see. All you have to do is remember the events in your sleep. If you have dreamed of rabbits, you are also ready to cross the bridge between the old and new phases of your life.

The dream meaning of rabbits goes far beyond what our conscience teaches when we wake up. There are several meanings for each type of dream, and each purpose will represent something new and new learning for you. Analyze your vision and see if it matches the models below.

Dream of a white rabbit

It is the dream about the rabbit most often many people have. Many have wondered what it means to dream of a white rabbit. Dreaming of a white rabbit can have many meanings, including growing families with new fruits that result from a love relationship.

White rabbits also symbolize fertility and new creatures that are on their way. The dream of a white rabbit can also mean loyalty and happiness in a stable relationship.

Dream of a gray rabbit

What does the dream about a gray rabbit mean? Dreaming of gray rabbits is very dependent on the perspective of each individual. For example, many people see gray as an attractive color. However, gray also brings dull and sad tones.


In general, if people do not feel comfortable with gray rabbits, then the dream meaning is bad feelings and decreased motivation. If not, gray can reflect a moment of happiness and peace in your life. The right side of dreams about gray rabbits also includes proper socialization and healthy relationships.

Dream of a black rabbit

What does it mean to dream of a black rabbit? You might be wondering about dreams like this. But don’t worry, dreaming about a black rabbit isn’t always bad. These are dreams that express fear and insecurity to show your inner side to someone that you might have a more open relationship.

This insecurity is related to fear of misunderstanding. Another meaning of black rabbits can be the influence of negative energy.

dream black rabbit

Dream of a brown rabbit

What does it mean to dream about a brown bunny? The dream meaning of a brown fur rabbit can represent an approaching turbulence period. But don’t despair, because the turbulent phase can be a good learning for your spirit, and despair will only hinder your evolution.

Act wisely, because the action of wisdom and faith will help you get through difficult times. Wise movement will make this period run shorter, and the changes in your life are outstanding.

Dream of seeing a rabbit jump

When you dream of a rabbit jumping, it symbolizes the life of a partner because it represents virility. If you are married and don’t have children, the dream of a rabbit jumping expresses the desire and moment to have children. This dream also symbolizes an increasingly close relationship in the family.

Dream of a baby rabbit

We know that rabbits are sweet and beautiful animals. So what does it mean to dream of a little rabbit? That is similar to dreaming of a jumping rabbit. Dreaming of a baby rabbit also shows a moment of masculinity for a partner and a desire for love.

If you have a plan to grow your family, use it most of the time now. And the best thing about dreams with baby rabbits is that they are too beautiful.

Dream of feeding a rabbit

When you dream of feeding a rabbit, the meaning of this dream is not very good. It means that someone or more than one person might be trying to contact you to shake your spirituality and abuse your kindness. But do not worry. All you need to do is be careful.

Dream of being bitten by a rabbit

It seems like a strange dream. Maybe you are wondering what it means to dream of being bitten by a rabbit. If you are in a relationship, dreams of being bitten by a rabbit can show that you need to be more aware of the link.

Dreaming a rabbit-like this can also mean that you are not doing the best for the person you love. If that person is significant to you, then take care of your love.

Dream of playing with rabbits

This dream is perfect for your life. The dream of playing with rabbits is pleasant and calm. If you have nightmares about playing rabbits, that means personal health and well-being. But always be aware of your daily life, you need to maintain a balance in your life.

dream dead rabbit

Dream of a rabbit’s foot

As we know, a rabbit’s foot is a symbol that represents luck. Many people use it as a pendulum or carry this object in their pockets. If you dream of rabbit feet, then you are lucky. It can mean that good things will come into your life with a happy ending.

Dream of killing a rabbit

Dreams, where you kill rabbits, can look bad and don’t even make sense. After all, who would dare to kill a docile and fragile animal like a rabbit? However, the dream of killing a rabbit symbolizes good things. If you have this dream, it means you will make positive changes in your life, especially in your love life. This dream shows that you can guide your love to the happy road between you and your loved ones.

Dream of a dead rabbit

It is a dream that may not you feel well. Dreaming of a dead rabbit has an essential meaning in your life. So what does it mean to dream about a dead rabbit? The dream meaning of a dead rabbit shows that something has been abandoned, a loving relationship, a loved one, or great friendship. It is the phase of transition from the old to the new. Be prepared to welcome it into your life.

Dream of eating rabbit meat

It is one of those bunnies in dreams. Dream of eating rabbit meat can symbolize a warning to be on the lookout for people who are jealous of you and will do their best to shake the peace of your soul.

Now is the time to prepare yourself spiritually and fight those who expect evil from you. The dream can also symbolize attitudes that are superior to others, such as control over instincts and emotional balance.

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