5 Praying Mantis Dream Interpretation

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Praying Mantis Dream Interpretation

The praying mantis is a green insect that closely resembles a grasshopper. Many people sometimes like the movement of these insects. The light green color of this insect can refresh everyone’s eyes. The unique thing about this insect is its shape which is almost the same as the position of someone praying. In addition, the movements of these insects are like dancing.

Even so, only some people also like this type of insect. The more giant the insect, the more fearful and disgusting it can make many people. However, if the insect is still tiny, you might try to hold it or put it in your hand and let it dance. Even when you sing, these insects can also follow your voice.


Most dreams with praying mantises have a favorable interpretation. Usually, it represents the realm of work and luck. The praying mantis in dreams symbolizes the arrival of new opportunities in your life.

Generally, every dream with praying mantises has a good meaning. One of these meanings signals that you must achieve peace and tranquility. This dream is usually an encouragement for you to focus more on what is your goal and achieve it. It’s a way to achieve stability in several aspects that you need.

Dreaming about praying mantises can be commonplace because these insects are often also present in plants. Every dream about these insects has a different meaning. It depends on what happens in your sleep.

Dream about predators eating praying mantises

When you see other animals, such as lizards eating praying mantises, this dream symbolizes the coming of a complicated situation in your life. It will make you feel sick and full of suffering. Even so, you are a steadfast person and can face all difficulties. What you need to believe is your ability to solve problems. When you think about better things, this will help you make suitable changes.

Dream about a dead praying mantis

When you see a dead praying mantis, this is a sign that only some things you do are correct because you must consider many other things. It would help if you had the right way to achieve success and financial stability. Therefore, you must ensure you are walking on the right path.


Meanwhile, in the next moment, everything you implement will fall apart. It makes you need a more in-depth evaluation and continue your life in a better way.

Dream of seeing many praying mantises

Praying mantises in large numbers can be very scary. If you see it in a dream, this symbolizes that you feel frustrated because you are not confident. It also indicates that many situations make your life difficult. You will only progress and develop if you walk in circles with a definite purpose. It will help if you evaluate what is happening to you to find a solution to your problem.

Dream of praying mantises in your house

When you dream of seeing praying mantises in your house, this is a sign that your family situation is worrying you. Maybe you don’t want to worry about other people, but what you think gives you anxiety. For that, you must remain confident in your family.

Also, make sure that you can solve everything terribly. Thus you will achieve peace because your family is the only thing that can support you.

Dream of killing a praying mantis

If you kill a praying mantis in your dream, you have overcome a bad situation in a conscious state. It’s a sign that the bad times in your life are over. Now, you have undergone the change and evolution you expected.

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