10 Plate Dream Interpretation

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Plate Dream Interpretation

Plates are one of the objects that you often encounter in everyday life. This object is usually present to serve food and is essential in various events such as weddings, formal dinners, or even casual family gatherings. However, plates appearing in dreams can reflect your emotional state, personal life, or particular situations.

Plates in dreams are present as a symbol of togetherness and social life. In dream interpretation, plates also symbolize fertility, family, and fortune. However, the meaning of dreams about plates can vary depending on the dream’s details.


Plates are a symbol of family and attachment. The tradition of eating together at the dinner table with plates as intermediaries reflects the strong bond between family members. Plates are an essential symbol in family ceremonies, such as birthday celebrations, New Year celebrations, or birth celebrations.

Plates also symbolize prosperity, happiness, and well-being. In the culture of some countries, there is often a belief that a house with a plate full of food will always receive good fortune. In wedding ceremonies, plates symbolize good luck and hope for a happy and abundant life.

Dreams about plates can be a signal to pay attention to your emotional state, personal life, or specific situations. Attention to the context and symbols that appear in interpreting this dream is essential. With a better understanding of the symbolism in dreams about plates, you can gain deep insight into your life and explore the hidden subconscious.

Dream of buying plates

Dreaming of buying plates can symbolize the desire to achieve a more harmonious life and strengthen relationships with other people. This dream can also indicate the willingness to change thought patterns and attitudes in everyday life. If you often dream about buying plates, this is a vital sign to bring about positive changes in your life.

Dream of receiving a plate as a gift

When you receive a plate as a gift, this dream symbolizes acceptance and appreciation from other people. This dream can be a sign that you are getting appreciation from others or that your hard work is getting recognition. However, it is essential to pay attention to the condition of the plates in the dream. If the container is dirty or broken, another message may need to be removed. Read more gift in dreams.


Dream of washing dishes

One dream interpretation that often appears is washing dishes. This symbol can have various meanings, depending on the plate’s condition in the dream. If the dishes in your dream are dirty, washing them can symbolize cleansing yourself of the sins or problems you are facing. However, if the dishes are clean or shiny, washing them can indicate the effort you are making to achieve achievement or success.

Dream about dirty dishes

Seeing dirty dishes in a dream indicates disturbance or chaos that you must deal with. Dirty dishes can also symbolize your emotional or mental problems. In this case, a dream about cleaning dishes can indicate the need to clean your thoughts and feelings to gain balance and peace.

Dream of throwing plates

When you dream of throwing a plate in a dream, this symbolizes anger or bad feelings that are pent up inside you. This dream indicates that you need to express these feelings more healthily. More importantly, this dream is a signal to avoid unnecessary conflicts or arguments.

Dream of eating on a wet plate

When you dream about eating on a wet plate, this can symbolize failure in achieving goals or achieving happiness. A damp plate in this dream can represent a situation that is not ideal or an unstable emotional condition. If you often dream about eating on a damp plate, this is a sign that you must reflect and change your life.

Dream about someone’s plate

When you see or use someone else’s plate, this dream can also have a specific meaning. If the plate is clean and shiny, this is a sign that other people inspire you or admire their lives. However, if the plate is dirty, this dream conveys that you should not be obsessed with other people’s lives and focus on yourself.

Dream about broken plates

When you dream about broken plates, this is a warning that there is potential for destruction around you. Broken dishes can symbolize loss or failure that you may suffer. It could mean you will suffer financial losses, damage to emotional relationships, or even failure in achieving your goals. This image suggests the importance of protecting yourself from danger and potential loss. There may be situations that you should avoid to avoid significant adverse effects.

Dream about the color of the plate

The color of the plate in a dream also has a special meaning. Brightly colored plates like red or yellow can depict happiness or high spirits. Dark-colored plates like black or brown can signify worry or an unpleasant situation.

Dream about plate materials

Plates made of ceramic symbolize your resilience and ability to survive in difficult situations. Meanwhile, glass plates can convey your fragility and sensitivity to change.

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