11 Pig Dream Interpretation: Piglet Symbolism

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pig dream meaning

Dreaming of pigs has a different meaning if you look at it from a western perspective because, in the East, they see this animal from another angle. Dreams are the same anywhere in the world because dreams are data brought from heaven to us on Earth. But we need to remember that some revelations carry a more significant burden from cultures that are different from what we are used to.

The dream of a pig must be seen with an open mind, without prejudice. Many dreams complement each other and thus express more than the first time.


Dreaming of a pig predicts long prosperity for you. This dream is directed primarily to people who have worked hard enough, who are now retired and can now enjoy life as they wish, without carrying many burdens and responsibilities.

Dream of seeing lots of pigs

Many pigs in dreams symbolize management. If you are already a team leader, then you will understand the message well. For those who don’t, it’s time to know that you will be a reference to the group and that prestige and collections will go hand in hand with responsibilities, at least in the organizational chart, superior to others.

Dreaming of many pigs also requires you to be more careful with your life story. Keep your secrets safe. People who gossip will chase you, gather valuable information, and then curse you. Be careful.

Dream of a fat pig

Dreaming of fat pigs has always been a breath for those who have taken their lives rapidly in recent years. Take the wisdom of these difficult times with you, and you will know how to make the most of this lesson when you see signs of prosperity and joy. Read more dream on being fat.

Dream about a piglet

This dream is nothing more than a figure of speech to represent people who don’t respect you, especially hierarchically. You will still have problems with the stubborn creatures these piglets make. You have to work hard to tame the pig spirit that will try everything to make you angry. This dream also shows victory over enemies you will reach.


Dream of being bitten by a pig

Dreaming of being bitten by a pig reveals financial difficulties, but this also talks about potential problems in your business. Dreaming of a pig bite is a warning to be careful because it’s a bad sign that reveals that you could be thumped in the coming months.

Stay calm in dealing with finances and be firm in making decisions about the best way to manage your money. It will be the best way to try to overcome the pain of that fact, including depression in the ego and pride.

Dream of a roast pig

Dreaming of a roast pig symbolizing prosperity. When that arises, we immediately associate it with the idea of profit, money, material wealth. But in reality, the success brought by this dream is priceless, such as feelings, the people we love, the good times in life, and of course, happiness.

dream pig in house

Dream about a black pig

It’s the epitome of greed of you or your family. Dreaming of a black pig is one of the personality traits of this animal because it does not like to share food. You don’t need to fight with anyone but show when you are satisfied. Remember that less is more.

Dream of a pink pig

Dreaming of a pink pig is a warning for you to be more careful with the people around you. Someone who plays the role of a good angel goes around with a sweet smile and then stabs you. Selfishness and jealousy are the forces that govern these creatures. Be careful with words and self-confidence.

Dream of a white pig

It is a symbol of stubbornness. Dreaming of a white pig, even though it sounds good, actually isn’t. Bright colors do not always represent the clarity of facts; sometimes, humans can act like wolves in sheep’s clothing, using guile to become what they are not. The most apparent trait for you to identify them is stubbornness. So be careful of these people.

Dream of eating pork

Pork meat, for many cultures around the world, is a symbol of wealth, significant profits, and even enjoys love or romance worthy of cinema. Dreaming of eating pork brings good messages.

Dream of killing a pig

The dream of killing a pig symbolizes a new achievement in the professional field. You might be selected to be part of a new working group or part of a project that is likely to be promising in the medium and long term. Roll your sleeves and start working; dedication is the word of the day. Read more killing in dreams.

Dream about a dead pig

Dreaming of a dead pig opens a new cycle for your life. When we begin a new phase, we must be able to understand which period is something specific to one area of life, but the cycle is a broad change involving every sector of one’s life. Thus, positive changes can be expected to cleanse them.

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