9 Onion Dream Interpretation

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Onion Dream Interpretation

Dreaming about onions shows certain aspects of your life that need care. Onions have layered skin, and this indicates that you need to peel them. Psychological assistance is critical to living in this period filled with pressure.

Red onions also show that many problems are present. Some of the difficulties can come from your childhood, which makes you face issues in the present. Besides, dreaming about onions also announces stress and other disturbances due to jealousy from other people.


When you peel the onion, you may feel sore in your eyes if you don’t wear glasses. Shallots show many problems that come from yourself, and you are handling them properly. That’s why you need to learn to manage differently.

When you dream about onions, this also shows bad, unfavorable energy around you. It is time for you to focus on your next step and take the time to get through it slowly.

However, the meaning of dreams will depend on what you see while you sleep. Not all plans about onions indicate bad news. You have to go further to dig about your vision.

Dream of seeing lots of red onions

If you dream about large amounts of red onions, this symbolizes that you have friends who are trying to get you into trouble. Someone evil lurking and trying to make you fall for jealousy.

Dream of peeling red onions

When you peel an onion and you cry, it indicates emotional problems and a bad mood. Even though you are currently in a good mood, it will turn into sadness.


On the other hand, if you see someone cutting red onions and it makes you cry, this dream signifies that that person is jealous of you. The dream of cutting red onions also shows that you need to do your best to study the current situation.

Dream of buying red onions

If you dream of buying red onions, this signifies fast healing. Someone near you or maybe your friend will recover from the disease as soon as possible. Conversely, if you sell red onions, this indicates that you will give up something or someone that affects you in a wrong way. It will make you float in the act of evil and cause adverse consequences.

Dream of eating onions

When you dream of eating red onions, this symbolizes that you will overcome all of your current challenges very well. The dream also shows progress in the business that you have been in so far. What you do will pay off, and this is the time to enjoy it.

Conversely, if you dream of eating onions but don’t enjoy them, someone is trying to send lousy energy towards you. However, you don’t need to worry because you have strong protection to ward off bad energy.

If you eat onions and get bad breath, it shows that you are in good health. This dream indicates that you are currently powerful to reach the goals you desire. This dream tells you about luck and material wealth.

Dream of onion peels

When you dream about onion skin, this indicates that you will face an unpleasant situation. This picture is characteristic of the difficulties and worries in the financial sector.

Dream of cooking onions

When you dream of cooking red onions for dishes, this shows the desire to change your life into something more interesting. You may feel monotonous with your life today. Now is the right moment to carry out your plan.

Dream of an onion plant

If you dream about onion plants on a plantation, this signifies others’ evil and jealousy towards you. But you don’t need to worry because you will succeed in what you want.

Dream of a big red onion

When you dream of red onions in jumbo size, this signifies strength and calm. This dream shows that many things make up your experience. Therefore, you need to learn as much as you can about all the challenging aspects. The experiences you go through are the best teachers for you.

Dream of harvesting shallots

If you harvest red onions in a dream, this shows that most of what you crave will come true. This dream also indicates a loyal friend who will always be with you and help you realize your expectations.

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