7 Nits Dream Interpretation

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Nits Dream Interpretation

Nits are parasites that will later hatch into lice. In the worst case, you may have suffered in childhood. Your head will feel itchy if this insect is present in your head. Lice eggs become very uncomfortable objects on the head.

Dreaming of nits on your head or someone else’s is so disgusting. Therefore, lice eggs symbolize social problems. It shows that the people around you are not the best friends you can have.


Usually, lice eggs are white. This symbol represents minor problems in your life. You must pay attention to resolving it as soon as possible and not let this situation develop.

The discomfort that nits cause in real life is what this dream represents. You already know what to do when you have nits on your head or hair. Lice eggs nest in the hair and wait there as they hatch as lice. You probably already know how difficult it is to get lice off your head because they stick to your hair. Even sometimes, this also causes a smell in the head.

Lice eggs in dreams carry a message that describes the presence of people with bad intentions near you. Dreaming of nits is a unique picture that is also accompanied by the presence of lice. Sometimes, the two do not have the same meaning in the dream world.

Dream of lice eggs on your head

When you see nits on your head, it carries a symbol of protection. You also have to pay attention to the people near you or someone you care about. Give the best to those who have served you.

The nits on your head also reveal the coming of a period of conflict. Although nits indicate that it is not a severe problem, you must pay attention and take immediate action. You need to improve your behavior or talk to people you trust.


Dream of seeing lots of nits

If many nits appear in your dream, this carries a precise meaning that someone is declaring a threat to you. Some bad people who surround you threaten your life. It makes you live a life full of risk. Feel free to walk away from those you know immediately are not in your favor.

Dream of lice eggs in your house

When you see nits in your house, it indicates that you are afraid of unfounded rumors. It sabotages the peace of mind you have built up with so many tasks in your home.

Dream of getting rid of nits

When you clean your head of nits or even crush them, this is a message that someone is facing a difficult situation. Meanwhile, the person doesn’t dare to talk to you. Opening your eyes wide and paying attention to the relationships in your social circle is best.

Dream of nits hatching

Dreaming of nits hatching reveals that your worries and problems have become too big for you to solve on your own. It’s because you are the one who gives the power to attack you. It’s time for you to share your suffering with others if you want to get out of this suffering.

Dream with dead nits

If you dream that lice eggs die and don’t hatch, this illustrates the problems you are facing will destroy your peace. However, this will not have a significant impact on your life. You have the resources to solve the problem.

Dream about nits in someone’s hair

Seeing nits in other people’s hair indicates that you are the center of attention. However, these are ridicule and disrespectful comments from those close to you. Eventually, you will realize that fake and hypocritical friends surround you. They will only destroy your life by seeking certain advantages.

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