11 Marbles Dream Interpretation

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Marbles Dream Interpretation

Dreams about marbles are a manifestation of experiences that you have experienced before. It’s one of the reasons why this object is present in dreams. Marbles also represent your past as a child. It could also be one of your favorite games when you were little, and you never enjoyed it.

Dreams about marble can have a general meaning for everyone, although this will also depend on the events in the dream. Marbles can have different interpretations according to particular contexts. Most of these dreams are related to childhood memories and can appear anytime.


Marbles sometimes express freedom to escape all responsibility. It’s the same as how you used to feel as a child. Marbles in dreams bring an image of the emotions you hold back. It also represents the stimulation that you have thought of in the past. Dreams about marble also signify good news about the birth of a baby in the family. It also reflects the wish to travel.

Dream about colored marbles

When you see marbles of different colors, it indicates other emotions. This element shows that you must pay more attention to your family life and spiritual condition. It will make you feel a lot of joy and fun. You are ready to face various situations that will come. Your family’s atmosphere of peace and harmony makes you feel comfortable with your activities. This dream illustrates that all of you collaborate with the people around you.

Dream about marbles falling to the ground

When the marbles fall to the ground, you feel powerful to face any challenges. Even so, you have to be very careful with possible inconveniences that will arise. An optimistic attitude tells you that you should pay more attention to activities at work. You have a job well in progress. Don’t let yourself fall because other people are jealous of you.

Dream of marbles in your mouth

The marbles in your mouth show that many people will talk about you, even if they try to hurt you. You might feel unfortunate because you treat someone in the wrong way. It makes you need to apologize to release the pressure you are carrying. At work, you have to be very careful when making comments.

Dream of transparent clear marbles

Dreaming about clear, transparent marbles indicates that you stop caring about certain people around you. It’s because you realize that people can take advantage of you. Now is the time to think clearly and leave people who don’t have a contribution to your life. Be careful with anyone who only wants your good.


Dream about glass marbles

You must be prepared for bad news if you dream of glass marbles. It’s advice to stay careful because it affects your life. There was a better time to be doing something so risky. This dream also carries a message that you will spend some money. Read more glass in a dream.

Dream of collecting marbles

If you collect marbles in a dream, this indicates that you have to schedule daily activities. This dream speaks of balance to find inner peace. You will reap the rewards of all your effort into new projects. This picture is a journey that reminds you that you must appreciate those who support you.

Dream of a giant marble

Giant marbles in your dream are an excellent sign. It shows that you will get a significant profit. Good news is also present at work, making your social circle very proud. It will go very well. Read more giant in a dream.

Dreaming about playing marbles

Dream of finding marbles

When you dream of finding marbles, it means you are very connected with yourself. You will discover things you did not know about yourself so far. It’s the key to the success you have regarding new ventures. You will eventually find someone who makes you feel happy.

Dream of playing marbles

When you dream of playing marbles, this indicates that you are enjoying your activities. This dream reflects a part of yourself in the past with lots of sweet memories. This symbol also tells you that you have a lot of positive energy. It allows you to go through a new stage very well.

Dream of green marbles

The green color symbolizes freshness and serenity. It’s the most significant motivation you can rely on. You are a very perfectionist person, and for this reason, things will go well. This dream also signifies that you must pay more attention to your family. They are people who always give you their full support. Read more green snake in dreams.

Dream about black marble

If you see black marble in a dream, this indicates the arrival of certainty in your life. It will be helpful to help you to solve the problem. Black marbles in a dream do not bring bad omens. It’s a picture of how you see things and must be optimistic. Don’t let anyone hurt you!

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