15 Key Dream Interpretation

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key dream meaning

What does it mean to dream about a key? Yes, dreams about keys usually mean something good. For example, your vision might bring news that you will receive a raise or an unexpected trip. Also, the meaning of the key in your sleep can be related to good things concerning feelings.

Now, you control your own emotions, and key symbols appear in your dreams. You can do what you want and find the best results from your choices. If you have a problem, this dream can be an indication that you can get out of the problem efficiently and quickly. Want to know more about the meaning of the key in a dream? Continue reading on this post!


Dream about car keys

Dreaming with car keys, motorbikes, or other vehicles shows that you need always to control everything. Sometimes, you can’t achieve something if it’s not under your domain.

Even so, always being in control may not be a good thing, especially when it comes to relationships. Always remember that you cannot rule everything.

Dream about a golden key

Dreaming of the golden key can mean you are an active person who has essential for every situation. It shows that you are very confident in what you can do and generally get good results in your actions. Being confident is the key to not being afraid, but over-confident can give you egocentric or even boomerang ideas.

Dream about a broken key

If the key that appears in your dream is broken, it is a sign that your relationship will end soon. It may be due to excessive control or lack of control, ties are broken, and some errors occur during the link.

Dreaming of a broken key can mean bad feelings. It is often related to feeling unable to realize your dreams or pursue what you want most. Certain situations will undoubtedly prevent you from completing and controlling everything, but you don’t need to feel unable to solve everything. Sometimes circumstances are not conducive to what we want right now. You have to wait for the next opportunity to be able to give you better fruit.


dream bunch of keys

Dream of seeing many keys

When a group of keys appears in your dream, it can mean you are very easy to adapt to different situations, whether it involves things you already know or not. You can always learn from situations and have the power to accomplish what you cannot control.

Dream of losing the key

If you lose the key in your dream, it is a sign that you are afraid you cannot control everything. It is also a sign that you are now stuck in a situation that you can not change, and you may lose the opportunity to improve.

Dream of finding a key

When you dream of finding a key, this is related to winning in your life. Now you feel that you can solve every problem and nothing can stop you. Finding the key in a dream is very good, especially if it’s after a wrong moment that has hit your life.

Dream about key and padlock

Dreaming with a key and a padlock mean several opportunities arise in your life. Get ready for significant changes in the professional field. But be careful! At this point, you must be cautious about everything that happens around you. Get to know the situation well to keep things going right.

Dream of seeing a big key

When you see a big key in your sleep, this means a salary increase that is visible in plain sight. Finally, your efforts will worth your work and salary that can change your life for the better. Are you ready for promotion? Get ready

Dream with a small key

Like other vital dreams, a small key can be a clue that something very unexpected will happen in your life. It’s hard to say what it is, but be prepared to receive a surprise.

Dream of a rusty key

If you have a dream with a rusty key, now is the time to find a doctor. Now you need to take care of your health more than before. Sometimes, you neglect your health, and now you have to face it. Seek medical assistance for general examination.

dream broken key

Dream key chain

What does the dream about key chains mean? Now, if this object appears in your dreams, it means you find yourself in a moment of extraordinary inner strength. You feel able to do any task and face any problems that arise in front of you. The most important thing right now is to take care of everything but without losing focus on what you want.

Dream of the old key

Old age that appears in your dreams can mean that your financial life will experience a downturn. Monitor your finances, and don’t lose composure. This moment will not last long.

Dream master key

The primary key that appears in your dreams is an indication that you have control over what you believe about the people around you. You know who is the person you need and will never disappoint you with betrayal. You know what is right for you and your loved ones, and this is the quality that emerges from the primary key in dreams.

Dream of holding the key

When you dream of holding the key, this means success in your work life, where you finally receive services to compete in the services you provide. Changes in life today will be extraordinary; you will reach another level of experience that is higher than before.

Dream of giving a key to someone

When you dream of giving someone a key, this can mean that things will get better. If you or your family have an unstable period with financial problems, this dream has come to warn you that his condition will gradually improve, and you will be able to follow life in a more dignified way.

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