7 Menstruation Period Dream Interpretation

period dream meaning

If we think about menstruation, this monthly period is no more than blood because there is no fertilization of the egg. It can be good or bad, depending on your perspective. For those who want to be a mother, dreaming of menstruation is a bad thing, because it shows that you have not reached your goal this month and need to try again. For those who don’t want to be a mother, dreaming of menstruation is often a relief and brings momentary joy.

Of course, for several days of bleeding, this causes discomfort, and because of hormonal changes, mood also fluctuates. But for all organic phases, dreaming of menstruation is often a sign of good news coming. Pleasant surprises and excitement are on your way soon!

Dream of having a menstrual

If you dream of your period, it can mean that your maternal instincts are growing inside you. It shows that in your subconscious, you want to be a mother, and your desires will soon be externalized. If you have become a mother, the desire to get pregnant again will arise.

If you are a man and dream that your partner or wife is having a period, this shows your sincere desire to be a father, even without you knowing. When you don’t have the desire to be a parent, it will immediately begin to grow in you.

Dreams of menstrual blood on clothes

If you dream about clothes with menstrual bloodstains, that could mean releasing secrets from the past that once caused you injury. It can also represent serious consequences to cover up shame or yourself. Clothing stained in dreams is a sign that your subconscious wants to extinguish your feelings and emotions stored deep in your soul. Now, these emotions can finally find a way to let … Read the rest