9 Mist and Fog Dreams: Analysis of Dream Interpretation

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Fog Mist Dream Interpretation

In many ways, dreams about fog falling to earth can help you recognize what you are doubting. Dreaming of fog also shows about change and to achieve so much hope from what you want.

Not everyone has this dream quickly except for those who live in the mountains. In general, fog is a symbol of what is invisible and doubtful. Fog also always covers the scenery you want to see before your eyes.


What does it mean to dream about fog? Fog is a meteorological element that causes different sensations. It depends on whether you feel comfortable when you sleep. Besides, if you often see the fog every day, you will quickly have this dream. On the other hand, if this dream comes spontaneously, then you need to find the true meaning—many meanings about fog in different contexts. Here, you will find some of the dreams of mist falling to earth.

Dream of seeing fog

When you see a dense fog, and you walk in it, the dream symbolizes that you have many problems and severe difficulties in solving them. On the other hand, if you manage to get out of the thick fog, it’s a sign that there will be an annoying and challenging situation. Even so, this will help you grow up.

Dream of the fog disappear

When you see the fog leaving the ground and then rising to the sky, it is a sign that you will suffer an illness. However, this only goes as fast as you can, or you quickly recover. When you see fog enveloping someone, the dream symbolizes that you will have a conflict with that person shortly.

Dream of black mist

When you see a black mist like factory smoke, this dream shows that the problem will come soon. If you see black fog on the streets, it’s a sign that you have to be careful. The dream is a warning that someone has come to give you something terrible.

Dream of red mist

Dreaming of mist in red signifies the desire that you don’t want if others know what you are hiding. You are protecting your feelings, or maybe you have committed an unlawful act.


Dream of mist at home

When you dream of mist entering your house, it explains the conflict and strife in the family. This dream makes you understand what you should focus on to improve the efficiency of communication you can have with those who are part of the family.

Dream of fog and water

When you see blurring mixed with water, this dream signifies that you feel uncomfortable with your current relationship. You live with a high emotional. Read more dream about water.

Dream of fog on the streets

In the dream world, you will find strange dreams like this. Misty road dreams show that you have to think about making radical decisions that will inevitably have consequences. You must be careful with what is in front of you.

Dream about a foggy river

When you see fog over a river or lake, this dream is a sign that you have to make an important decision. You have been delaying something for a long time, and now it’s time to finish it. Read more river in dreams.

Dream of poisonous fog

When you dream about poisonous fog, this indicates that you have a horrible feeling. It can adversely affect you in your personal life. You might also be able to lose the people you love, and this causes an emotional disturbance.

If poisonous fog surrounds your house, this is a sign that you must clear your mind. It would help if you prioritized searching for spirituality in yourself.

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