8 Ex-Boyfriend/ Ex-Girlfriend Dream Interpretation

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dream meaning ex-boyfriend

Are you worried if you dream about your ex? If not, you should. Usually, the meaning of a dream about your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend is that you have not been able to forget it. You may not love anymore, but of course, there are some unresolved problems, such as hatred or injury.

This kind of dream reveals a lot about your deepest feelings about separation and your ex. Warning to you! It is not a sign that you will return or that he still loves you. Dreams about your ex reveal more about your heart than anything else. You can even try to ignore how you feel, but through dreams, the truth is told. It is good to pay attention to these messages sent by the subconscious to you.


But calm down, you don’t need to feel ashamed if you dream about it, because everyone has gone through it in their lives. The advice you can use is to understand your dream, give it time so that you can deal with pain, and heal wounds. It will be fine!

Here is a list that will help you understand what it means to dream about your ex-boyfriend/ girlfriend. You will also find some relationship tips.

Dream of seeing your ex

This dream is a consequence of worry, jealousy, or insecurity. You might have thought about it a lot and thought he was endangering your relationship. Jealousy is normal, but be careful not to overdo it. Don’t let this feeling get in the way of your relationship and make you fight with your boyfriend.

You must be relaxed and cannot compare. Be confident and remember, among all the people in the world, your girlfriend/ boyfriend has chosen you!

Dream of your ex kissing someone

Dreaming of your ex kisses someone else shows that you are already aware when the relationship is over. You have received the termination, and this is a significant step. The dream describes what is happening or is likely to occur in real life; Your ex has moved bow. Do the same thing, if so, congratulations! If not, run after that!


However, if you become angry when you see him kiss someone else, the dream reveals that you still have feelings for your ex. What do you think? How do you feel when your ex kissing someone else?

dream meaning ex-girlfriend

Dream of your ex with someone else

The meaning of this dream is similar to what you just read before. Your ex has a new boyfriend/ girlfriend and is already full of intimacy. In that dream, he/ she has forgotten you.

The most important thing to understand what all of this represents is to consider how you feel when you see the scene. What do you think? Is it anger, sadness, relief? Be honest with yourself and discover the meaning of dreams about your ex, based solely on your feelings.

Dream of kissing your ex

The dream of kissing your ex is more common than you think. It may be because you miss or only good memories that you remember. A dream about your ex means that you are still attached to the good times that you experienced together.

Are you thinking about your ex too much? He/ she is a good friend and companion for a long time, and now, everything is no longer functional? Do you feel lonely? Relax, all these fears are natural, but you know that life is beautiful and can give you some new opportunities. All this pain will also pass, and you will make new friends and new love! Be brave and find your happiness!

Dream about your ex wants you back

If in your dreams, your ex asks you to come back, maybe deep down, you want that to happen. Does this dream reveal a hidden desire? Do you want him/ her to come to talk with you and show some remorse?

If you are the person who asks to come back in a dream, you might want him/ her again. Depending on the end of the relationship and how things are between you, are you trying to continue? But if the breakup was bad for you, you better try to forget.

However, if you don’t want to come back at all, this dream states that you have forgiven and healed your wounds! It shows that you are ready for a new relationship and want love. Be open to news!

dream your ex kissing someone

Dream of dating again with your ex

Dreaming that you are back with your ex-boyfriend, this means you need to evaluate and find out why you broke up. If you are happy in that dream, you might still like it. But don’t forget, the most important thing that this dream reveals is that you need to learn from old mistakes, and after that, love can grow.

Dream of fighting with your ex

Dreaming of an ex and a lousy fight indicate that several people were injured after breaking up. You need to reflect and forget your grudges because that only makes you sick. By overcoming all of this, you will not only learn to love yourself more, and you will leave the past and be better prepared for new passions. Let go of everything wrong for you.

Dream you don’t know your ex

The dream meaning of your ex and you don’t know each other is mysterious. This dream shows that you have to remember who you are, what your qualities are, and also what makes your ex fall in love with you — no need to be indifferent.

This dream shows that you are not happy, and you must respect your life. Remember what you look like before meeting him/ her. It is a sign for you to invest in self-love. Love yourself, and make sure everything is fine.

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