13 Dream Symbol About Snakes & Spiritual Signs

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Dream Symbol About Snakes

Dreaming of a snake is not a pleasant experience. Well, maybe because this reptile isn’t perfect. This one animal often symbolizes malignancies, venom, and cunning. The famous story example is about the devil’s seduction to Eve.

However, snakes are not only symbols of evil, fear, and lies. It can also awaken wisdom and transcendence, which explains the recurrence in so many religions and mythologies, often in a better role.


When you remember a dream about a snake, you might think of it as a bad sign. A sign that some disloyalty or mistakes will come. However, that is not necessarily true. Depending on the case, it can give you good news.

There are a lot of bad things about betrayal too, but at least the dream is there to remind you, prepare you in advance for important events and fake friends. So what does the snake dream mean? No need to look elsewhere. Stay here to learn the different interpretations of countless snake dream cases.

Dream of seeing lots of snakes

It’s time to choose your friends better and be aware of coworkers. When dreaming of many snakes, your subconscious mind asks you to pay attention to the quality of your company and realize the possibility of mass betrayal. Beware of people who say they want your kindness.

Dream of a big snake

Something big will happen in your life. Even if you don’t determine the quality of the upcoming event, you can be sure that you will recognize it for its size. It is also a sign that real friends surround you. The problem is only if the snake attacks you, which might indicate that such a big event will be unfortunate for you.

Dreaming of a giant snake

It is a scary nightmare, and it is not a good sign. In contrast to the big snake, which shows good friends and significant events, dreaming of a giant snake is a cause for concern. Unfortunately, events can take unexpected proportions and make life difficult.


Dream of a coral snake

The coral snake is scary and can even mean betrayal, the stigma of the most famous snake. You need to be vigilant about your decisions and reassess certain parts of your life so that your choices don’t have an adverse impact.

Dream of a dead snake

You might get rid of a big problem. Dead snakes are a danger that you have eliminated, and this allows you to pass freely without being hit by snake venom.

Dream of snakes wrapped around your body or neck

If you dream of snakes trapping your body or neck, it might be time to release the burden of passion and enjoy your time while still maintaining professional responsibility. Be creative in your love relationship. Don’t let the comet of life go by so fast.

Dream of killing a snake

This display of strength means that you have everything to deal with the difficulties that are facing you. You are in control. Killing snakes can also act as an attempt to compensate for some of the mistakes that are getting missed. You have to be aware of this ambiguity, so you don’t get confused. Read more dream of killing snakes.

Dream about a small snake

If the big snake is an embodiment of true friendship, the small snake is the opposite: fake friends might betray you. Two eyes are always open to your company, which must be chosen carefully.

Dream about a snake attack

Dreaming of a snake that attacks someone else can mean that something other than yourself might indirectly affect you. And if you are a victim of the attack itself, then it might be up to you to be the center of this future event.

snakes symbol in dreams

Dreams about colorful snakes

Although beautiful, you have to look beyond appearance, and this is a venomous snake that symbolizes the possibility of a sad shock to the people you hold in high regard—the risk of visible disappointment.

Dreaming of blue snakes

What does it mean to dream about a blue snake? Dreaming of a blue snake is a sign of good luck and success in your life. It is an indication that a proper phase will soon come into your life, where things will start running, and you will achieve the many achievements that you have always wanted. Read more blue snakes in dreams.

Dreaming of a black snake

What does it mean to dream about black snakes? Knowing it will be beneficial because this is an unusual event. Unfortunately, this is not the most promising view. It is one of the most dangerous snakes in the dream world, a bad sign. Dreaming about a black snake usually means that something traumatic or sad will come, such as the death of a good friend, and that you must prepare your psychological and emotional emotions for turbulent times. Read more dream about black snakes.

Dreaming of green snake

What does it mean to dream of a green snake? A green snake has a strong relationship with nature. The appearance of a snake in green is always a sign that good news will come to protect you from evil energy. Read more dream about green snakes.

Dreaming of a yellow snake

Like a green snake, a yellow snake can be a sign of wealth. This snake is associated with luxury because of its yellow scales, reminiscent of gold. It also has a meaning that makes it possible to remind you of traitors and recommend the use of your intuition. Encounters with snakes are usually the most beneficial. Read more dream about yellow snakes.

Dreaming of a white snake

The dream of a white snake has many meanings, ranging from dream prediction to overconfidence in one’s judgment. It all depends on the behavior of the snake. However, there is consensus that the scarcity of these reptiles indicates a sign of an unexpected event. Read more dream about white snakes.

Dreaming of a red snake

This snake is a symbol of the desire for an intense relationship. When a red snake appears, you might enter or intend to enter into a serious relationship with someone, strengthening the bond of love. That’s a good sign, but watch your aggression, lust can be destructive. Read more red snakes in dreams.

Dream of snake bite

Dreaming of being bitten by a snake is a sign that you must be involved in family or friend conflicts. Maybe it’s time to continue friendships or settle old disputes so that dear people don’t hurt each other more and more.

Dream of a snake in the water

Dreaming of a snake in water is the result of several daily concerns that can be transmitted into sadness and anger. Try to deal with routine frustration more positively and optimistically. Control your mood so that you don’t hurt yourself or your loved ones, making things worse forever.

Dream of a snake’s nest

What does it mean to dream about a snake’s nest? If you see a snake’s nest in a dream, it could mean that new life will come to your family. If you feel scared in your dreams, be careful of the people around you, and be aware of betrayal.

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