10 Doll Dream Interpretation

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Doll Dream Interpretation

Dolls in dreams have a meaning that is very much related to childhood. You may have seen or played with toys in various forms. Dolls also symbolize something related to occultism. The dream meaning with dolls also varies according to the shape of the doll.

If you have ever played dolls, you can have this dream more easily. It’s a sign that you want to return to childhood. You feel comfortable when you were a child. However, if this dream comes just like that, you must know the meaning of this dream.


Dolls show a deep connection with innocence and purity. It could also mean desire and family. If you want to find out more about what a doll means in certain situations, it will depend on the doll’s shape.

Dream of seeing a doll

When you dream of seeing a doll, this signifies deep nostalgia for childhood. You can be more thoughtful about how you want to go back to simpler times in life. If the doll is alive, it symbolizes your desire to change. The dream expresses the passion that you want to be someone else. When you want to get ahead at work or want to have the life you always wanted, this dream can come. If you feel uncomfortable in a dream, it shows the need to run away and avoid problems.

Dream of holding a doll

When you dream of holding a doll, this shows your insecurities about your actions. You are not confident in what you are doing. It would help if you had the confidence to be able to develop in life. The dream also represents innocence and maturity. It would help if you avoided childish and unnecessary conversations.

Dream of buying a doll

When you dream of buying a doll, this has a perfect meaning. It is a dream that shows new opportunities in the future. You will get offers that you want, such as a raise.

Dream of cloth dolls

When you dream about cloth dolls, this is a sign of purity and innocence. You still have a few memories from childhood that refresh your mind until now. Be careful because others can use this quality to deceive you. The dream also shows that you need to be a little cautious.


Dream of playing with dolls

When you dream of playing with dolls, this shows a perfect thing. This dream is fun and can even help calm nerves. The vision of playing dolls also signifies success in your family. It is a sign that your relationship has everything to develop, and this is the right time to communicate because other people will understand you more easily.

Dream of porcelain dolls

Porcelain dolls in dreams are a symbol of perfectionism. When you dream of porcelain dolls, it shows that you take action without thinking about the effects of your actions. You are a fearless person and look for what you want without ever hesitating. This dream tells you to be a little careful and act healthier in pursuing your dreams.

The dream also shows that you have fragility in health, primarily mental. It usually happens because of stress. So, don’t hesitate to seek help if you need it.

Dream with a cute doll

Cute dolls in dreams signify love and the future. Many good things and optimism will come. You will also receive kindness from the children around you. The dream is extraordinary and shows a better life.

Dream of a Barbie doll

Barbie is a symbol of perfection and beauty. It is stuffed full of happiness. This dream shows a naive attitude towards yourself, which sometimes results in a lack of confidence. The best way to build self-confidence is to work based on self-knowledge. Dreaming of Barbie dolls is also a sign that you must be careful not to allow distance and lack of time-related to friendship.

Dream of a scary doll

When you dream about scary dolls, this shows fear in you. You feel afraid of something or someone, and that fear prevents you from living more calmly. This fear is not suitable for mental health. It would help if you found out what makes you afraid, what makes you not move, and try to be friends with that fear. This dream warns that you need to overcome fear.

Dream of a baby doll

Baby dolls are the most often present. These dolls show excessive attention to things you don’t need to worry about. It shows a tendency to complicate matters that can be quickly resolved. These dolls are also a sign of hidden talent that you might not have discovered. If the doll laughs, it is a sign of pregnancy or your desire to add other members to your family.

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