8 Clouds Dream Interpretation

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Cloud Dream Interpretation

Clouds in dreams symbolize the past, personal satisfaction, and unresolved problems. The dream meaning of clouds depends on the details of each dream. White clouds represent peace and innocence. In comparison, gray clouds indicate fear and sadness for situations in the past. It is the color that tells the different meanings of clouds in dreams.

Clouds are in a beautiful sky, but they have good and bad meanings in the dream world. You need to pay attention to the details of the dream to find out each of these images’ true meaning.


There are still many dreams that may be interesting and related to other aspects. It also talks about emotions, what you should change and overcome for the better. To know why the subconscious shows these images, you have to pay more attention to them.

Dream of clouds in the high sky

Clouds in the sky are associated with calm and prosperity. As long as you enjoy this dream, the meaning will be so good. But if you are uncomfortable, then this means sadness, and this is a bad sign.

Dream of white clouds

White clouds symbolize calm and peace. It also indicates that you are at the best time and have achieved stillness and stability in all things. What you have done is doing very well.

Remember that to be strong all the time, don’t let anyone use your honesty to hurt you. Toxic people will always look for ways to get into your life. You have to realize how calmness and joy will ever come.

Dream of storms and clouds

Dreams with storm clouds are bad because they signify explosive emotions. It would help if you behaved with caution to achieve calm. Don’t act on impulse and think things through before you work.


Being in a hurry always brings terrible consequences. You must always be emotionally healthy, and don’t let your emotions blind you. Read more storm in dreams.

Dream of the wind blowing clouds

When you dream of the wind blowing clouds, this is related to letting the past pass. It’s time to deal with past situations that hurt you. There’s no point in staying stuck in the same problem.

You have to overcome and accept or move forward because life is about learning. Please don’t stop at one place or expect what happened in the past will be completed by itself.

Dream of black clouds

Black clouds and dark clouds signify moments of sadness, despair, and frustration that will come. You have to be a healthy person to endure every horrible experience and situation in a merry way to solve everything. You have to pay attention to everything that might happen and accept everything courageously.

Dream of falling clouds

Clouds falling from the sky in a dream are associated with partners and secrets, which will ultimately shake the relationship. It will make you both emotionally unstable. It could be the presence of a third party in a relationship or any situation that will make you doubt your partner’s love. Things you have to do are maintain good communication, and you will be able to solve it.

Dream of seeing lots of clouds

Many clouds in dreams can mean that you need calm. It shows that you live under stress and in bad situations. All you have to do is take time for yourself and to think.

Try to achieve success and calm in your personal life, put stress aside, and regulate your emotions to free yourself from sadness.

Dream of clouds and strong winds

Strong winds represent destruction or change. Meanwhile, the clouds in this dream are related to past situations that you have not yet overcome. It slowly destroys the emotional side and does not turn into something useful.

You have to let go and overcome all the bad things that happened in the past. The future is uncertain but only what you live in right now belongs to you. That’s what is truly valuable so that you don’t get caught in a bad situation from the past that is only painful.

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