7 Cannibalism Dream Interpretation: Eating Human Hand

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Cannibalism Dream Interpretation

Dreams about cannibalism represent several things about your relationship with others or your environment. In general, cannibalism is inappropriate actions that occur around you. It is an activity to eat each other’s kind. What happened is very unnatural and inhuman.

Dreams about cannibals can be very frightening. You might dream of eating someone’s corpse or seeing someone eating human flesh. Even so, this image does not always mean you want to hurt others physically but reflects your emotional burden.


Certain animals also have cannibalistic traits. Catfish can prey on other catfish even though they are full of their food. Even king cobra snakes can also prey on snakes of the same type. If this action is present in humans, then this can be something terrible.

Some tribes in ancient times also had a culture like this by preying on fellow humans. Even so, this is barbaric and does not apply in modern times.

To consume human flesh is an act without humanity. In today’s era, someone who does this action is in the category of mental disorders. Meanwhile, there are several cases of cannibalism in the world related to mental disorders.

If cannibalism is present in the animal kingdom, then this is normal. Maybe you’ve never known that a mother cat can eat her kittens. Whereas in humans, this is an act that is so electrifying and disgusting.

Even so, not all dreams about cannibalism have a terrible meaning. Some of these dreams carry messages about what you might need to know. As you know, dreams about eating meat can have a good meaning. But what if you eat human flesh?


The dream meaning of cannibalism can symbolize that you want to feel closer to someone but are unsure how to do it. It will require social skills for you to practice. It would help to be a good listener to make many people happy.

Dream about cannibalism and blood

When you see blood and acts of cannibalism, this dream signifies that your income will increase in the future. It can come from the business you are running. It will be a very profitable deal for you.

On the other hand, if someone cannibalizes you or drinks your blood, this shows lousy news. Maybe you have provided help from someone, but that person will not return your services or even forget about you.

This dream comes to you as a message that certain people will show their masks. You need to realize who are the people with the character of a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Read more blood in a dream.

Dream of seeing cannibalism

When you dream of someone committing cannibalism, this indicates that you want to control other people. What you do is rule others according to your will. Usually, this dream shows your relationship with people close to you, such as family or close friends.

Dream of doing cannibalism

When you dream of practicing cannibalism and recognize the people you eat, this is a sign that you have specific problems with that person. There may be a problem with this person. This dream shows that you have to be honest with these other people to improve your relationship.

Dream about human flesh

When you dream of seeing human flesh, this signifies prosperity and material well-being. You should make a vast deal soon. It will bring success to you in the future.

On the other hand, eating someone’s flesh indicates that you will lose your social status or job. Besides that, this dream signifies about lousy reputation because you take careless actions. It would help if you learned to control your desires, or it will worsen your finances.

Dream about someone being a cannibal

When you dream of someone you know becoming a cannibal, this indicates the frustration that person feels toward you. That person may have bad intentions behind your back.

Meanwhile, if you and people you know turn into cannibals, then this is a sign that you are planning something sneaky. You will help each other achieve your desires for mutual success, even though this will harm others.

Dream of becoming a victim of cannibalism

If you are a victim of cannibalism in a dream, this is a sign that someone is forcing you to do something. In addition, you also carry a responsibility that is different from yours. Someone expects too much from you.

Meanwhile, you are already overwhelmed by what is your burden. Immediately tell this person that you also have many responsibilities.

Dream about killing a cannibal

When you dream of killing a cannibal, this is a sign of good luck. It’s a signal about your fight against your rivals. It signifies that victory is on your side while your enemies will face disappointment.

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