7 Butterfly Dream Interpretation

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Butterfly Dream Interpretation

Dream about butterfly is the language that the mind uses. Your subconscious communicates with yourself. The butterfly symbolizes transformation, breaking away from the cocoon, which means renewal. It is a symbol of metamorphosis repeatedly since ancient times. A crawling caterpillar transmits wings, color, and beauty.

The dream of a butterfly, like a caterpillar, it represents the change you experience and your inner need to let go of the past and fly to a new future. Dreams like that can come true. It also brings uncertainty in every new thing.


Butterfly dreams often bring good signs and revelations. These beautiful, colorful, and small-winged creatures can appear in various forms during dreams. Each of these forms tries to give you a specific message, whether it is a shift at work, love, family life, or your circle of friends.

The meaning of dreaming of a butterfly is related to the severance of negative thoughts and aggressive behavior. It is also a sign to connect with the beauty, peace, and freshness of an open mind to face change and experience new things from different nuances and angles. The texts below are an explanation for you about what it means to dream of a butterfly and what message this little creature gives you.

Dream of seeing a butterfly

When you dream of seeing butterflies, for a woman, this is a sign of a long and happy love life, and for a man, it symbolizes you, beauty, and motivation, even if you face hard times in your life. If you see a butterfly in a painting or toy, it shows that you are ready to continue some essential activities.

Dream of a flying butterfly

If you are planning or waiting for a long trip, this is the right time. The dream of a flying butterfly is a sign of liberation from the bonds of life, spreading its wings and taking advantage of opportunities as they arise. So do that, you will live and learn a lot. Read more dream of flying to the sky.

dream catching butterfly


Dream of holding a butterfly

You may have heard that if a butterfly lands on you, that is a good sign, and dreams follow the same logic. Dreaming of a butterfly in your hand or landing on your body is a sign of prosperity and hope. You can win promotions, succeed in business and financial life.

Dream of butterfly hunting

If you hunt butterflies, beware, this is a sign of immaturity in pursuing your goal. You need to focus and find what you believe. Never give up on your dreams. Sometimes what you need is to stop and re-evaluate the path you are following to reach a certain point. You have to be brave and be aware of the most valuable contribution that you can make. Read more hunting in a dreams.

Dream of catching a butterfly

If you have dreamed of catching a butterfly, this means that you are trying to realize the intimate desires associated with someone who makes you very interested. If you are not in a relationship right now, this dream can symbolize your desire to be lovingly involved with that person.

However, if you are married or you have a relationship with someone, this dream signifies your desire to be unfaithful or a reflection of the affair that you have practiced. Infidelity is a sign of immaturity. Being dishonest in a relationship will only bring pain and suffering to those who are with you. Remember, the pain that we cause always returns to ourselves.

Dream of seeing lots of butterflies

When you dream of seeing lots of butterflies fly, this is a sign of an approaching journey. Dreams of various butterflies flying over flower fields or parks symbolize a prosperous and happy life.

Dream of colorful butterflies

If the butterflies in your dreams are many and varied in color, new love might arrive, and happiness be with them. Open your heart and smile.

dream butterfly at home

Dream of blue butterfly

The search for knowledge must be a part of everyone’s growth process, and blue has a secure symbolic connection with what comes from this quest, wisdom. Blue is a representation of this goal.

The dream of a blue butterfly makes you have to read more, study more, take courses, and even open your ears and mind to learn from more experienced people. Of course, any accumulation of knowledge will help you overcome problems and make your way free of many difficulties and more light.

Dream of a red butterfly

Red is the color of passion, and it symbolizes strong feelings. Dreaming of a red butterfly is an adventurous spirit, and it tempts you to find an adventurous spirit and tease each other. Red butterflies are a sign of love, and this comes into your life, but beware!

Such intense feelings produce attacks of jealousy and even pure aggression. If you want to maintain a relationship, you must learn to deal with these feelings and not let rumors and misunderstandings affect the relationship.

Dream of yellow butterfly

Yellow is the color of happiness and prosperity. Dream interpretation where you see a yellow butterfly depends on the feeling you experience during this dream. If it’s a joyous dream, then it’s time to be happy, and something will approach you, bringing happiness soon. But if you feel sad in your dreams, it signifies the obstacles you experience and your anxiety to overcome them during the difficult times that you go through.

Dream of a green butterfly

If you are sick or your relatives are sick, this dream signifies a cure for any disease. Rejoice! The dream brings good prospects for the recovery of good health.

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