9 Arrow Dream Interpretation: Pursuing Your Goals

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Arrow Dream Interpretation

Arrows were previously a weapon for hunting as well as war. In the hunting world, this is a way to find prey from a distance. While in combat, this becomes a frightening weapon. Arrows with pointed ends can injure excruciatingly.

Have you ever dreamed about arrows? For some people, dreams about arrows may be a fantasy missed after waking up. However, dreams about arrows can carry many exciting meanings for those involved in understanding symbols and spirituality.


In dreams, arrows have a symbolic meaning about the chances of success you can get. So many good things will start to happen to you from now on, not only at work but also in your family or personal life.

Arrows also represent strength, speed, and accuracy. The presence of an arrow in a dream could be a message from your subconscious mind to take a firm and courageous stance in facing life’s situations. Apart from that, arrows also signify a symbol of good luck and good fortune to come.

Every culture has its views on dreams and their interpretations. In many cultures, arrows carry a strong spiritual meaning. For example, in Native American culture, arrows symbolize protection, spiritual strength, and good luck. In Japanese culture, arrows indicate the values of honesty, courage, and integrity. In ancient Greek mythology, the god Apollo brought a bow and arrows. It symbolizes unrivaled archery abilities.

Arrows in dreams are an interesting symbol and have various meanings that may be related to life goals. This tool can guide or remind you of life’s direction and the perseverance you need to achieve your goals.

Dream about hunting with arrows

If you are hunting with arrows in your dream this is a sign that you are looking for pleasure or happiness. This activity can also represent the joy and pleasure you are feeling. You may be trying to pursue or achieve your life goals with great enthusiasm and confidence. This dream can also be a message to keep fighting and follow the desires that are in your heart. Read more hunting in a dreams.


Dream about war with arrows

If you dream about participating in a war using arrows, this is a sign that you are facing a conflict or battle in real life. It could reflect existing conflicts in your personal or professional relationships. An arrow as a weapon in this dream represents your ability to fight or fight against the obstacles in front of you.

To dream of attacking with arrows could represent a desire to defend oneself or to vent one’s anger. It can also mean dissatisfaction or disappointment with something or someone. This dream reminds you to express your emotions healthily and responsibly. Read more war in dreams.

Dream about being injured by an arrow

Being hit by an arrow in a dream can have various meanings depending on the condition of your dream. If you feel hurt, this could be a warning to consider your actions or decisions carefully. An arrow hitting you in a dream could also represent pain, betrayal, or failure you have experienced.

If you dream about being shot with an arrow and seriously injured, this can be a warning of a danger that may threaten your life. Instead, watch for signs of endangering life and avoid unnecessary risks.

However, if you dream about being hit by an arrow, but your wound is healing quickly, this can hint at your toughness and resilience in life’s trials. You may see yourself as resilient and able to recover from adversity.

Meanwhile, if you feel hit by an arrow without pain, you get protection or help from someone.

Dream of shooting arrows

If you dream about shooting arrows, this can signify that you are trying to reach a goal. Shooting arrows in a dream also could represent determination and courage in facing challenges. It also shows your fighting spirit in achieving what you dream of.

Dream about poisoned arrows

If the arrow in your dream has poison, it denotes the presence of evil forces or influences around you. You should be aware of people or situations that could harm you. Consider keeping your distance from things that are unhealthy. Read more poison in a dream.

Dream of killing with an arrow

Killing with an arrow in a dream may sound terrifying. In the realm of dream interpretation, it can have a deeper meaning. Usually, this act of killing represents a desire to eliminate bad aspects of your life. You could want to escape the emotional baggage that weighs on you. Read more dream of killing someone.

Dream about bows and arrows

It’s only complete if you talk about arrows with bows. The bow is symbolically the vehicle that powers the arrow. In your dream, a bow and arrow can mean that you have sufficient strength and energy sources to achieve your goals. You have the skills necessary to face challenges and achieve success.

Dream about broken arrows

The dream of a broken arrow can also describe a person’s hopelessness. A broken arrow represents doubts, disappointments, or failures experienced in life. This dream can signify that someone is facing a difficult situation that makes him feel hopeless. It can also remind one to stay motivated and not give up in the face of obstacles.

Color symbol of arrows in dreams

Color also has important symbolism and can influence the meaning of dreams about arrows. Red Arrow

Red arrow

Red color signifies solid emotions and passion for life. When you dream about red arrows, this could be a sign that you have strong feelings for something. It may signify deep love or a drive to achieve high goals.

Green arrow

Green is synonymous with growth and new hope. If in your dream, green colored arrows appear, this can be a sign of changes and growth in your life. You can embrace these changes with an optimistic attitude and embrace the new opportunities that lie ahead.

Black arrow

The black arrow can be a warning sign in your dream. It’s hard to pinpoint an exact meaning, but it could characterize a dangerous or deceptive situation. You must be careful when encountering suspicious problems or people you can’t trust.

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