14 Angels Dream Interpretation

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Angels Dream Interpretation

Dreaming angels often represent a sense of protection, something that already refers to angels instantly. In general, when the dream an angel appeared in a dream, it means that the protective accompanies you, keep your thoughts and actions.

Dreams come to show us something we cannot see. Usually, you need to remember and interpret dreams to show where they come from. However, often you do not pay attention and fail to give you information. So what does it mean to dream about angels?


If you have a problem, the dream is also related to the comfort of this situation. Dreams with angels are also associated with internal issues and usually appear as warnings about essential messages.

What does it mean to dream about angels? In this post, you will find several interpretations that are important for you to understand what you need to change in your life.

Dream of seeing an angel

If you dream of seeing an angel, that means divine power protects your life. So, even if everything seems wrong, it won’t be straightforward to get out of control, because someone is always watching you.

Dream of a flying angel

The dream of a flying angel can mean many things depending on the dream context. If the angel flies near you, that means you are in danger, but a higher power protects you. If the angel flies away from you, it means that you need to strengthen your faith, or you are not yet a charity, and you need to practice it more.

This dream may appear as a warning for you to rethink some actions and make some changes. It can help you become a better person.


Dream of talking to angels

If you dream of talking to an angel, try to remember the contents of the conversation because that can mean many things. The angel appears to say that you have received the advice you need to follow, and at the right time, you will know it.

Dream of being an angel

If you dream of becoming an angel, that means you need to pay more attention to the people around you. They might need your help. The dream comes to tell you that you feel you can trust and rely on you in difficult times. If you appear as an angel in a dream, accept the mission and start paying more attention to others, because someone might see you as a guardian angel.

Dream of the death angel

The angel of death symbolizes that you will go through a turbulent period in your life. But it will not last long, and it gives way to a new, more peaceful period.

Dream of the angel Gabriel

The dream of seeing the angel Gabriel signifies good news! The angel appeared to say that soon you will receive relevant news. We usually can’t remember the dream, but if you can remember the angel’s message, write it down on paper because it makes sense at the right time.

Dream of an angel falling from the sky

The dream of fallen angels is a reflection of your love. Several meanings can come from this dream. When angels fall from the sky, and fire burns them, it means you are in a relationship that brings pleasant surprises.

If an angel falls without wings, that means your relationship must go through a period of turmoil and trouble. You must be vigilant now and be careful not to lose everything. If you fall together with angels, it means your partner is close to you, walking side by side.

Dream of a golden angel

The dream meaning of the golden angel carries good news, but also a warning because it means your career must advance, but you must do the right thing to make it happen.

Dream of seeing many angels

If many angels appear in your dreams, it means you have many friends you can trust. The number of angels that appear in the dream is the same as the true friend you have. So, this dream comes to show how many real friends you have and so you can choose who is around you.

Dream of an angel crying

The dream of an angel crying symbolizes that you have to go through a process of self-evaluation, think more about your actions. The dream tries to tell you that you did something terrible and that it will bring regret.

Dream of an angel smiling

The dream of a smiling angel carries proper meaning, especially if you are looking for love! If the angel smiles, his shadow is that you will soon find your true love.

Dream of an angel calling you

If in your dreams, an angel appears calling you, it is a sign of recovery. That can mean rehabilitating an illness or a difficult time.

Dream about a guardian angel

The dream that you see a guardian angel symbolizes that a higher power protects you.

Dream of touching an angel’s wings

If in a dream, you touch an angel’s wings, the meaning is perfect! This dream comes to say that your biggest problem must disappear from your life, and you will soon find yourself in a moment of peace of mind.

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