10 Lightning Thunder Dream Interpretation

Lightning Thunder Dream Interpretation

Dreaming with lightning can easily be present at night after heavy rain or listening to electricity. If this does not happen and your dream of flash, you will get success or failure, luck or bad luck, problems, or solutions.

Many people are fascinated by this natural event. Therefore, if you like lightning and dreaming of thunder, all interpretations will tend to be more favorable for your life. Dreaming of electricity symbolizes significant change. It can range from tremendous or bad transitions.

In general, a thunder and lightning dream causes fear as it does in the real world. The dream can be an invitation for you to change everything. In this dream, the meaning will vary.

Dream of seeing lightning

The dream meaning of lightning and thunder announcing positive and negative changes. In other words, some aspects of life will improve, while other elements will face difficulties. It is a time of change and warns you to behave with maturity, or the results will be contrary to what you want to achieve.

Dreaming lightning and thunder warns you good luck that you will need the next few days to make the right decisions. Therefore, you need to learn about business in the future to make wise decisions and not leave all luck.

Dream about lightning and fire

Dreaming lightning and fire is a sign of confrontation in future business or event. However, this will not last long and will end quickly because there are ways to avoid discomfort. Dreaming of lightning and fire gives you the feeling that if you experience a current situation of a discrepancy, you will immediately resolve it.

Dreams about lightning and thunderstorms

Dreaming of lightning and storm indicates that you get rid of all the stress, worry, and anger that you feel and even bother you … Read the rest