Doomsday Dream Interpretation

Doomsday Dream Interpretation

A time when the world will be destroyed and doomsday, this will bring new news. True or not, doomsday is something that has scared the inhabitants of the earth since ancient times. The fear of this event is so great that someone can see it through their sleep.

Opinions about the end of the world are excellent for us to reflect on life, especially those that make us wake up in tension. In general, dreams about the end of the world are closely related to the moment of transition that we experience during our lives. It does not come only to warn you that change will occur but also to remind you that you need to predict what will happen.

However, this dream depends on the details of what you see in sleep. Each type of context in rest has a different sign. Here are some of the end of the world in dreams.

Dream of seeing the end of the world

If you dream of witnessing the end of time, this shows that you feel like a spectator in your own life. This kind of dream comes as a symbol to wake you up and make you realize that things are not going well. You need help to maintain your mental health.

Dream that you are in the apocalypse

When you are involved in the doomsday event, this dream shows that your world is falling. The symbol in this dream is often related to lost hope, primarily when you work hard, but ultimately, you fail.

Dream of doom with a flood

The dream that the end of the world comes because of the flood symbolizes your spiritual condition. Water is a symbol of purification; this dream shows that you need to find someone or something to purify your … Read the rest